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ACD - Agency for Cultural Diplomacy

ACD- Ambassadors


ACD – Agency for Cultural Diplomacy has created Cultural Ambassadors Award for several action platforms with the aim to honor professionals from various fields of arts, science, education and international relations, who are actively contributing to improvement of intercultural relations through their engagement and are envolved in activities of the civil society at the regional and/or international level.



ACD- ambassadors Award has been created by ACD- President in  2016.

ACD- Ambassador Award is a sign of honor of civilians whose achievements extend beyond those recognized by traditional awards for the formal diplomatic activities. The Award furthers ACD´s strategic goals to promote attentive relations to and within the social and natural environment at all levels through quality education, gender equality, smart investments, collaboration and inform global society about Cultural diplomacy activities within civil society, build the global network of the civilian actors in the field based on „people to people cultural exchange“ through storytelling activities, among other forms of exchange and dissemination of experiences, knowledge and interests.

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