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ACD - Agency for Cultural Diplomacy

Translating by Senses


Translatorische Übersetzungskunst, narrativer Performance von Identitäten, Kulturen und Geschichten:

Talk sessions about the role of translators within diverse fields,

practice the art of translation by creating linguistic landscapes in a SprachenWeb.


This platform has been created with the aim to start initiatives, collect good practices, and present innovative ways of translating laws, cultures, languages, and other forms of formal documents and free expressions, by theoretical experts and practitioners so as to disseminate useful models for plurilingual communication, fear mitigation through the emancipatory potential of the translatory activities and set impulses for digital diplomacy of languages.


What can be lost and found in terms of meanings, senses, or messages, within the process of Translation? 



ACD - Ambassadors for Translatory platform:

Braille: Lazar Bulatovic

Arabic: Amro Selim

Urdu: Asiya Mughal

Japanese: Kei Murauchi

Consulting: Mag. Mira Bayr Varga


Kozept, Übersetzungen B/K/S, English, German: Tatjana Christelbauer


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