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ACD - Agency for Cultural Diplomacy

translating by senses,exploring other magics


Translatorische Übersetzungskunst

Talk sessions with experts and project activities on the role of translators

within diverse fields of action,

 the art of translation, linguistic technologies,

 creation of linguistic landscapes in a SprachenWeb.


This platform has been created with the aim to start initiatives, collect good practices, and present innovative ways of translating policies, laws, cultures, languages,

 by researchers, scientists, students, and practitioners,

and to disseminate useful models for plurilingual communication,

explore the emancipatory potential and the happiness of translation,


create barrier-free translator spaces,

enhance the science diplomacy policy communication

with citizens  


What can be lost and found in terms of meanings, senses, or messages,

by translation and interpretation?


How can linguistic hospitality be practiced within a multilingual

web -landscape?


How is translation processing in Braille script?

What new technologies are in use by blind and visually impaired people?


Initiatives, current projects:

ERASMUS+ Le_MOON project 

inTalk Session with Lazar Bulatovic on Public Speaking

SprachenWeb projects

"Dunkelbunt: the grammar of seeing" a workshop

with blind and visually impaired students



ACD - Ambassadors for Translatory platform:

Braille: Lazar Bulatovic

Arabic: Amro Selim

Urdu: Asiya Mughal

Japanese: Kei Murauchi

Consulting: Mag. Mira Bayr Varga


Kozept, Übersetzungen B/K/S, English, German: Tatjana Christelbauer


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