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Stille Post 25/11

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ZOOM-meeting on 25. 11. 2021 

virtual sessions 17.00-19.00

5 pm-7 pm Vienna time



Art4Orange hybrid exhibitions, representatives from Orange -Initiatives and supporters from 

Austria, Serbia, international 

inTalk with ACD-Ambassadors, international partners

and guests


Announcement on the UN #globalweekaction #ACT4SDGs:



Zoom-Meeting Weblink:



Beiträge in deutscher, englischer, serbischer Sprache


^Introduction: "Orange feather Initiative, activities, art4orange" by Tatjana Christelbauer, initiator and ACD-president


^ Zorana Antonijević, PhD

OSCE Mission to Serbia Democratisation Department

National Programme Officer


^Beiträge aus Wien, Österreich: 

°Wiener Frauen Hetz presentation by Mechthild Geyer MA, Msc

°Frauen* beraten Frauen* Schriftstück by Bettina Zehetner

° Frauen*Solidarität (Videobeitrag) 


Körperintegrität, Stoff und Schnitt: 

^Gespräch mit österreichischer Modedesignerin und ACD-Botschafterin Elke Freytag;


^Orange Feather Ambassador for SDG5, Asiya Mughal, fashion designer, activist for gender equality, prevention of violence in  Pakistan, Lahore


^ACD-Orange Feather Ambassador, actress Ana Sofrenovic/RS: Radioplay "Orange Feder Flug"

streaming on OKTO ommunity TV

 (article by online portal Aviatica in Serbian language)


^Marija Jankovic, photographer /Belgrade, Serbia:

"femicide" project


Nela Antonovic, theater MIMART Belgrade, Serbia


^Tanzkunstschaffende: Übungssequenzen für tägliche Anwendung; Körperintegrität, mental balance

Marietta Kro, dance professional, ACD-Žalike-team


16 days of activism_365 days&nights of attention



Art-based methods for learning can widen arenas for action and perspectives, support the inclusion of diverse language-speaking and culturally diverse people to participate in educational and consulting programs developed to support the prevention of violence by developing and practicing assertive communication, strengthening the body integrity, widening knowledge and sharing informations on how to prevent, but also protect and support the victims of gender-based violence and all forms of violence in human relations.

The virtual session Stille Post 25/11 is a prelude to the virtual 


"Bodenwieser -Mandukic ..."

which will take part on December 2nd, 2021 for the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade and by which the triad Arts_Sciences_Diplomacy with media will bring together students and professionals from Serbia and Austria, including Australia, to connect and to exchange their current activities as well as share perspectives for further collaboration in contribution to the realization of the UN Sustainable Development goals SDGs at their local, national, European and global level.


"Stille Post 25/11" - about

Alert-mindmarker and Lehrstück-play created by Tatjana Christelbauer as a contribution to peace education in the light of the United Nations Women Initiative “Orange the World”.

The campaign was built to launch bold new actions and commitments to end violence against women at the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico and France in 2021. The 16 days between 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and 10 December, Human Rights Day, are known as the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign, a time to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls and all forms of violence among people around the world.

The color orange symbolizes a brighter future, free of violence. It also serves as a means of demonstrating your solidarity in eliminating all forms of violence and it is therefore used as the color of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence.[1]

About the Stille Post 25/11- play

Stille Post- “silent message” in german, known as in Engl. “Chinese whispers” in English is the game popular among children worldwide, also known under various other names depending on locality, such as Russian scandalwhisper down the lanebroken telephonesecret message among others.

The game has educational value as it shows how easily information can become corrupted and misinterpreted, which mostly leads to misunderstanding and conflicts.

The term “game” has been replaced with the term “play” as it does not have winners and is not competitive, rather collaborative, inflow.

Approach: art-based, relational pedagogy, assertive communication practice.

Goal: experience-and interaction-based learning, introspective reflection on individual emotional state and ability to manage tensions, anger, and attempt of fury; cross-generational learning to practice meekness, constructive dialogues, expression and articulation of feelings, moderation of the volume of the voice, responsive talk; alert-media promotion for wider dissemination.


Lehrstück, Radioplay "Orange Feather Flight"

written by Tatjana Christlebauer, performed by artist and ACD-Orange feather Ambassador Ms. Ana Sofrenovic while on gyrocopter with a pilot Bosko Todorovic on the private airport 13. Mai, Zemun Polje/RS


Activities for the prevention of violence introduced above have been created by Tatjana Christlebauer by applying art-based methods and philosophical and pedagogical works, in the light of E. Levinas, L. Irigaray, S. Weil: "breathing as a planetary affair"   "consumptive fatigue", attention, spiritual dimension, dialogue; G. Bodenwieser, S. Mandukic, M. Wagenschein, M. Schörl, B. Brecht (Lehrstück, Radiotheorie, Ausdruckstanz, humanistic education), a.o. authors and practitioners




Activities are connected with the thematic frame and scope of the following ACD-action platforms:

Orange Feather Initiative



F*M lifearts


Vienna meets ...

WienModernDance, Bodenwieser-Mandukic



State of the Art


For far too many humans around the world, a home is a dangerous place.

For too many women around the world, married or not married, relationships are dangerous and life-threatening.

In 2021, between January and November, 22 women in Austria have been killed by an intimate partner or husband. 

A “breakdown” or divorce has been identified by investigations as the main causes. ´Across the WHO European region, 1 in 4 women experience sexual and/or physical violence by an intimate partner.´

The Austrian government, so as the European Union and the United Nations has provided official legal documents, established rules, and implemented policies related to gender issues, spotlighting equality by all means, as declared in the Universal Human Rights Declaration. Furthermore, the rising domestic violence due to the C-19 pandemic in 2020 Europewide and worldwide has been recognized as one of the priority issues within all political agendas. ´All EU Member States have endorsed the main human rights instruments, which oblige them to combat violence against women as a human rights violation, and as a specific gender-related form of violence linked to the discrimination of women. This implies an obligation on the Member States to end impunity and prohibit all violence, to take measures to prevent it, to provide adequate protection to survivors, and to ensure redress. The EU also supports increased protection of women through soft law (communications, recommendations etc.), providing guiding principles, exchange of best practices, and capacity building (for example through the Daphne Programme).´ 

Some decades ago, in 1979 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The United Nations World Conference on Human Rights, held in Vienna, presented the Vienna Declaration and Programme for Action also called for the appointment of a Special Rapporteur on violence against women and contributed to the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 1993 through resolution 48/104. The Declaration is the first international instrument that solely concerns violence against women. Finally, on 7th February 2000, the United Nations General Assembly adopts Resolution 54/134, officially designating 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and inviting governments, international organizations as well as NGOs to join together and organize activities designed to raise public awareness of the issue every year on that date.

In this regard, the ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy president has created the “Orange Feather” initiative in support of the UN initiative Orange the world in 2017.


Several art-based educational /consulting activities have been organized since then in Austrian in kindergartens to support children and families directly affected by homicide, as well as to support pedagogues by advising them on how to build trust bridges,

but also how to cooperate with local social advisors and police.


The Orange Feather Manifesto has been created as a document in emerging times with the aim to deliver symbolic signs for action, but also to introduce the good practice and open space for collaboration.


Drawing on the fact, that all kinds of human relations and relationships are emotionally led we believe that the prevention of domestic violence and femicide can be supported by art-based cross-generational learning to understand, express, and communicate emotional state, but also to learn about legal rules and human rights starting from kindergarten and elementary education.


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