ACD - Agency for Cultural Diplomacy
ACD - Agency for Cultural Diplomacy

KUPINA BlackBerry BROMBEERE- Developmentmodel


Many Ones in One:

the concept for the development of the regional Cultural Diplomacy

to support community health and growth at all levels


*Adaptive Management for efficient use of resources

*Intercultural education for attentive relations

*Art practices for awareness development and mutual understanding



Konzept for intersectional Partnerships SDG17


M4Life Project: Media&Arts for SDGs


Current partnerships: ADEPS. Kenya, with ACD-Ambassador Amro Selim (Egypt)


Value Transparency, Value Revaluation, Value Innovation:

Products, Productions, and partnerships for regional development with global impact.


Consulting and project development by ACD-Team of Experts which includes ACD-founding members, ACD-Ambassadors and ACD-Partners


By Your interests for cooperations, please provide us with your suggestions here:


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