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Let´s Brick2050! 

inTalk Sessions with Focus groups on UNESCO Futures of Education-initiative



Our focus is given on

Cross-Sectoral Educational Partnerships ~

 barrier-free learning opportunities for all


The humanistic approach, Education 2030 -

learning to be-come 2050 



First inTalk Session on ZOOM with educators from Austria with international participants

in partnership with HundrEd organization and UNESCO 


August 26th, 2020 5 pm CEST-5.45pm CEST


All shared documents, projects, media, will be shared on this page for wider dissemination 



Share your visions, examples, suggestions, for the Futures of Education


1. Considering the effects of the C-19-crisis on learning (remote learning, digital literacy, space, …), working (remote/childcare, un/employment in the fields of art& culture), living conditions of families, educators, learners (K-12):


How can We reinforce the cross-sectoral educational partnerships to improve the learning, working, and living conditions for learners, educators, families? 


2. Considering learning methods and opportunities through art/cultural education as inclusive, diversity sensitive, creative, holistic, with impact on wellbeing, health, development of self-regulating behavioral competences and attentive relations toward the human world and nature a.o;- consider museums, theatres, galleries, dance studios, a.o. as learning environments and museum educators, cultural promoters, art educators as relevant contributors for knowledge experience and transfer; -consider Sustainable Development Education starting from elementary level to life long learning practice:


How can We advance learning and put knowledge in the

service of alternative futures

for humanity and the planet? 


3. Considering digital literacy, soft skills, and shared learning



Which changes are desired/needed/will be-coming regarding

the content, assessment, use of knowledge, skills?


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