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Arts ~ Health 2030-Project

embraces arts practices in healthcare settings


The project is characterised by ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy vision, to support the realization of the UN Agenda 2030 through cross-sectoral capacity building, among regional and international actors from the civil society, individuals, governmental and nongovernmental institutions and mainly formal and nonformal educational and health care- oriented institutions.

The aim of the project is to enhance individual and community health and wellbeing through intercultural education based on arts practice in Health sector.

Arts ~ Health 2030 will bring together local, regional and international professionals from arts and health, through participative and collaborative arts practices such as dance, fine arts and music, including Yoga and some other concepts with holistic approach. 

Key terms: Mental health, Corpus Callosum, BodyIntegrity, Dance Arts, Fine arts, Literature, Prevention, Salutogenesis, WHO, BGF (Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung), Adaptive Management, cross-sectoral partnerships, SDG4, SDG3, SDG17 

Projects and participants:

ranging from consulting and training Sessions for leaders in educational institutions starting from elementary level, youth, students, to academia, municipalities, media representatives, cultural promoters and all other interested


Project start: 2020

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