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IkuBi2030 Children Radio 


Children Radio Project

was created and initiated by ACD-President as an educational response to the current global crisis urged by pandemic COVID-19 with the aim to continue with activities beyond difficult times.


Children Radio team will reach out to homes, teachers, and community members and ask them to share their experiences within the current crisis, talk about their suggestions for learning activities, their needs and proposals for creative solutions to sustain and to overcome difficult times in solidarity.


Furthermore, children will be encouraged through Radio Sessions to take a responsible role in their families and create learning home activities from resources they have, such as family traditions, daily life activities, play and art practices, and to share their experiences, interests, needs, visions, and dreams. 


Children Radio will start in Maragoli, Kenya, Africa in cooperation with ACD-partners ADEPS organization and Radio Sahara and will extend its activities by the possible opportunity to the national (Kenya), European and global level.


The project will continue in Vienna, in cooperation with Radio Afrika Vienna and its partner up to October 2020



Ikubi2030 Children radio: 

"Hello, Servus, Habari!”



A project created by the ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy president

Tatjana Christelbauer for remote learning through art-based learning methods and creative learning opportunities 


Overall goal:

-support children and their families while staying at home during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond through educational sessions via local radio stream as a cost efficient medium;


- support local, regional and global educational institutions and scholars by space and content for learning continuum, connecting formal and informal learning formats on an intergenerational level


-encourage children and their families to create intergenerational learning sessions by their ideas with family members and share them on a local radio station;


-create a sustainable cost-efficient model for media education:


-encourage intercultural exchange at the local, regional and global level;


-improve (mental) health conditions and support development of health culture based on local resources through cross-sectoral partnerships such as with Community Health Workers, Local media (radio), ACD (global), Red Crescent, cultural and faith-based communities, or supporting partners;


- encourage the development of communicational skills and inclusion of the language variety in daily life by creation of the linguistic landscapes, learning of songs and poems in local, regional, national languages, and introducing the global language landscape, such as learning some songs and poems in German (templates from ACD-president);


- celebrate the local, regional and global language variety applying the European motto of “Unity in Diversity” by the creation of linguistic landscapes with a collection of greets, proverbs, songs, and beyond which will be collected from Radio Talk sessions and posted on this Webpage. Up to June 2020 we will create Facebook-page and post all documented Talks, Photo-images, drawings, other materials provided by audiences;  


-encourage sustainable development in the region through creative learning methods with a focus on sustainable development education based on UNESCO documents such as IkuBi-Modell


Short description: Talk Sessions with children on a local radio station in local languages and by the inclusion of poems, songs, proverbs, stories, recipes for healthy meals from local fruits and vegetables,  collection of "magic words" for feeling, being, playing, learning,  speaking, listening, eating WELL …from various languages, for creation of phonetic and linguistic landscape, art practices, sciences, and media education  


Our Legacy, vision: 


UN SDGs: SDG4 quality education for all; SDG3: Health and Wellbeing; SDG17:  Partnerships for Goals, including all UN SDGs into our topics for discussions and activities.

The 2005 UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions

European Day of Languages proclaimed by the Council of Europe

UN CRC: Children Rights Convention

EU Strategy for International Cultural Relations

ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy Statutes


Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 13

“The child shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of the child's choice.”

Radio is an excellent medium for children, and we must recognize and respect their right to accessible programming. Every large city with over 250,000 inhabitants should provide children with access radio content that is both educational and entertaining."

 Michel Delorme


Our current partners:

Concept, initiative, content: ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy president Tatjana Christelbauer



Radio Sahara, Kenya: Fred Manoah

ADEPS Organisation: Churchill Butaglia

See more about our activities M4life project since 2019



Currently, we invest in our private resources and work on a voluntary base.


Donations are appreciated:

BANK NAME: Absa Bank [ Formerly BARCLAYS BANK]
BRANCH NAME: Mbale Branch-Vihiga County, Western KENYA
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2024295098
Pay Pal E-mail address;


Thank You! Vielen Dank!


Project start: June 2020



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