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Mythen im Zeitgeist 2030

Multimedia ArtProjekt

Saligen Frauen aus Alpen-Mythologie im Kontext aktueller gesellschaftlich-politischer Diskurse,

Naturlandschaften als Kunst_Exile in der Zeit sozialer Distanzierung durch die COVID-19-Pandemie



Aleksandra Bajde (Musikkomposition); Tanz: Andrea Nagl, Bettina Schäfer, Marietta Kro, Nathalie Tassotti, Tatjana Christelbauer


The project Žalike2030 is a part of the project series Alpen.Mythen.Frauen developed with the aim to create a thematic frame for contemporary dance art as community practice within the current global endeavors toward sustainable development, mainly focusing on gender roles[2] and environmental issues.

Mythology is an important intangible shared cultural heritage among European countries and globally. It consists of stories of people, their traditions, rituals, beliefs, and natural landscapes.


By applying the Sustainability Discourse-Mythological Approach, the project emphasizes temporal continuity of the shared European cultural heritage that can support the current political endeavors toward the realization of the 17 UN SDGs and presenting these aims as choiceless and morally and ethically legitimated.

The telling of myths is one of the earliest structured uses of dances. Before the production of written languages, dance was one of the methods of passing these stories from generation to generation.[3]


In the current discourses on sustainability, mythology offers a wide range of inspiring motives for art projects, such as in Slavic mythology the God of thunder “Perun” and “Dodola” Goddess of rain.  The project series Alpen.Mythen.Frauen connects mythology from Alpine regions in Slovenia, Austria, and the Swiss.  The project participants are taking the symbolical role of the wise women from the Alpine region known as “Salige”[4] by creating their art works.


Concept: Tatjana Christelbaue


[1] Note from the author: The project series is a part of the ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy- ArtImpact2030- initiative which has been started in 2018, in response to the current global endeavors toward the realization of the 17 Global Goals, as proclaimed in the UN Agenda 2030. Weblink to initiative:

[2] Note, Weblink: Creative industries and cultural infrastructure are valuable resources for generating livelihoods. This is especially true in developing countries that have a wealth of creative industries. Furthermore, a substantial percentage of those employed in culture sector activities are women SDG5-Gender equality.     

[3] Source: Nathalie Comte. "Europe, 1450 to 1789: Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World". Ed. Jonathan Dewald. Vol. 2. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 2004. pp 94–108.

[4] Source, wikpedia on “Salige Frauen”:




Tanzmeditationen zu ArtInstallation von Barbara Streiff

Mythen und Alpensagen: Salige2020


Die Weisheit des Körpers im Sprachenspiel der Naturelemente


      Nathalie Tassotti

Salig grüsst. Kunst_Exil by Tatjana Christelbauer
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