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ACD - Agency for Cultural Diplomacy
Mitteleuropa: XI Forum Regione Aquieliese





ACD - Team 


verbindet ihre naturräumliche und kulturhistorische Herkunftsnähe in mitteleuropäischen Raum und ihre Interessen für Kulturdiplomatie als breites Aktionsfeld zur Stärkung des Zugehörigkeitssins und des gegenseitigen Vertrauens auf regionaler und auf internationaler Ebene, zwischen Nachbarländer und darüberhinaus, durch die Transparenzerhöhung von geo-kulturellen Verbindungen und durch Entwicklung von Kooperationen und Partnerschaften. 


  Connected through their geo - cultural ties, associated in interests to unify their cultural ressources, professional experiences and capacities for improvement of human relations at all levels among Central European population and beyond, ACD- Team initiates cooperation and supports cultural, artisitic, educational, scientific and social projects, which are aimed at confidence building and integrating relations among people, countries and institutions. Cooperation with municipalities, national and international communities and formal/informal educational institutions and creative industries, media, organisations for safety, transportation, business corporations and all other relevant groups of interests, individuals, foundations and supporters will enhance promotion and practice of cultural diplomacy toward sustainable developnent and growth.



Projects and Initiatives:


ACD - promoting event (October 13th 2016, Vienna)


XI Forum Regione Aquieliese (20-22.11.2016, Udine/Trieste)


Up to October 2016: Cross - Cultural Culinary Ties: storytelling project series


Up to 2017:


"300 birth anniversary of the Empress Maria Theresa: reForming Europe"

Story telling workshops, Visual art exibitions, dance events;


Open call for dance production and interregional collaboration;

educational sessions, workshops, Smart travells Mitteleuropa

(ACD -CD: Wheels of cultures);



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