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ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy & partners for the UNESCO MONDIACULT 2022 World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development


the all-day event

HeArtBell 2030 ... #stayinlove

in preparation for the

29th of September 2022

in Vienna, Austria on-site, ZOOM, and worldwide virtually


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Program Agenda




CD2030... inTalk & action

by connecting media, science, arts, education, culture, diplomacy 2030 ... with representatives  from Austria and international

ringing the Heartbell 

shedding light on how ArtImpact 2030 ... matters


connecting views, good practices, 

spotlighting the role and the impact of arts and civil society activities in cultural policies implementation & in science diplomacy sustainable development policies communication,

introducing cultural policies and practices toward 2030 ... from Austrian and international cultural institutes, science, media, CSOs, including youth voices, within one common framework and compass grounded in the UN Agenda 2030 and the 17 SDGs, unifying resources, building bridges 4now & then,

4 people & the planet ...

promoting and practicing cultures toward 2030 ...



od srca_srcu 

ringing the HeArtBell  

by thoughts & actions


“The aim is to shape a more robust and resilient cultural sector, fully anchored in the perspectives of sustainable development as well as promotion of solidarity, peace, and security, in line with the vision enshrined in the UN Secretary-General’s report

“Our Common Agenda” (September 2021), 

which refers to culture as a global public good,

the good of us all.


The framework and compass for presentations are grounded in the UNESCO convention 2005UN Agenda 2030 and the 17 UN SDGs in the European cultural policy, and the European culture in Sustainable Development UN SDGs-oriented Austrian SDG-compass and cultural policy  in external relations 

with Science Diplomacy concept,  

promoting and practicing cultures toward 2030...

by thought & actions of individuals and diverse communities


 Guided by questions


How is the narrative of sustainability

translated into cultural policies and practices in Austria, Europewide, and worldwide?

What impact can make art in shaping cultural policies 4 sustainable development?

How can international collaboration and citizen science support science diplomacy policy communication?

How can art engage in social_health_care?


What matters in culture and how to improve the conditions? SDGs perceived by youth:

diverse cultural traditions and practices in the sustainable development process, critical views, re-imagining the past, envisioning futures


How can the culture of peace be practiced and promoted more effectively, to prevent and ban raising gender-based violence,

and support health and wellbeing? ´(SDG 16+)


Approaching the new paradigm in cultural policies toward 2030 … with creative ecology

practicing arts and cultures applied in sciences and daily life, to endorse policies and the implementation of agreements grounded in shared values and views related to commonly shared global challenges by connecting socio-ecological inter-relational aspects which reveal the interdependencies that exist within a multifaced nature of the creative communities into sustainable development-narrative. 


^The term creative ecology has emerged from the creative economy theory developed by economist, prof. John Howkins;


United in Diversity_ gender-approach

connecting diverse cultural diplomacy practices, introducing and building further alliances, such as the European  science diplomacy alliances, to contribute to the improvement of communicational cultures  and cultural practices among diverse European and global actors and their networks, for common prosperity, by leaving no damage behind 4 sustainable futures,

engaging in creative, barrier-free learning to widen skills and competencies, share opportunities, responsibilities, and rights to be within and to become, prevent violence and mitigate conflicts, greening futures with "orange the world"


ArtImpact 2030 ... matters

introducing and exchanging evident art-based practices to inspire and to guide 


The all-day event HeArtBell2030 ... #stayinlove

opens various spaces for encounters and engagement, presentations, inTalks, and exchange of good practices, visions, and views

in three sessions ^ feather sequences:


Featherführend2030-session 10 am CET – 11. am


opening remarks by the organizer

the welcoming message of



ambassador of Mexico to Austria


Cultures of Sustainability, sustainable cultures

from the perspective of the Austrian and international cultural institutes, academia, and diaspora communities


Presentations from Media on:

“The role of media in development, communication and promotion of cultural heritage abroad, voices from the diaspora, transcultural bridges with 17 UN SDGs


Orange Feather_ Breath of time- Session 

12. 15 am- 2.30 pm CET 

arts_sciences_diplomacy 2030 …

tackling the current most urgent global societal challenges, such as raising violence, human and natural disasters, the effects of the pandemic on cultural practices and cultural relations, and relationships:


International collaborations in science & research, arts_sciences_diplomacy practices & alliances “The role and impact of arts in cultural policies implementation & in science diplomacy sustainability policy communication; creative ecologies, gender approach


Citizen science 2030:  citizen science in science diplomacy policy communication: 


Dance arts 2030 ... arta_health_care; Contemporary art in the sustainable development process; 

“Dance arts UNESCO heritage in contemporary art practices; new encounters on historical traces, somatic practices based on holistic and revolutionary methodology, grounded in the Austrian Ausdruckstanz school and modern dance movements in Europe and worldwide, contemporary art practices toward 2030 ...

interactive sessions with well-acts movement, and voice exercises:

arts4health, Stille Post 25/11x365

exhibitions & open stages to engage in;


Youth Voices Feathership2030-session

2. 45 pm -4.30 pm CET

talk sessions, presentations

Let´s brick 2030 .. parlaMINT 4SDGs:


For what UN SDG mostly is your heart strongly beating? What challenges in your natural and social environment are „ringing the bell“ to be maintained,
and conditions improved?
How can arts & culture make an impact on changes
 toward shared prosperity of the European and global diverse communities?
How can we learn to #stayinlove 4 now&then, learning to prevent violence, practice and promote the culture of peace toward, with, and within the social and natural environment?

Presentation and Closing remarks by Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Mexico, Lorenz Brunner


Heartbell 2030- poster action:


Translate the term ´Heartbell´ in the context of action, emotional state, and imaginative attempt by pronouncing the term in diverse languages, 

create a poster with translations in diverse languages, scripts, drawings, make postcards, create a stamp, and share your note on: for what UN SDG mostly is your heart strongly beating? 


All collected artworks will be presented by our virtual session in contribution to the UN Global week of action #act4sdgs and for the annual celebration of the European Day of Languages


Posters will be promoted via ACD- media pages

and media channels of all partners,

all contributors will receive the Letter of gratitude and the Certificate of attendance Scholars, Teachers, and families are invited to share their views, concerns, and suggestions for the

improvement of policy and the conditions, share their most important messages on 17 UN SDGs in a written form, 30 seconds video message, or voice message (using assistive technologies for screen readers) before the 25th of September 2022

via e-mail at:

add NoteHeArtBell2030 ... #stayinlove- poster action


apply to join, engage in, contribute 

Register for the UNESCO MONDIACULT world conference 2022



leave no damages behind, for now, and then
acting as response-able individuals and as part of diverse communities, with partners at a local, national, and international cross-sectoral scale, with diverse actors and their networks, ranging from the governmental and non-governmental sector, public sector, private sector, and civil society to individuals 
by creating engaging activities for debates, joint reflections, research, and development of transversal competencies and skills needed to maintain current societal challenges and natural disasters, making the use of the new technological developments and innovations for improving services and communication.

^ the HeArtBell (heartbell) was coined by Tatjana Christelbauer in 2021 for a dance meditation series composed of bodily movement sequences, breathing exercises-ventilations compound with multilingual phonetical experiences, and language plays with a guide to ethical imagination through thought experiments, 

with the aim to introduce, improve,

disseminate, and further develop 

art-based practices for the prevention of violent behavior, mitigation of depression, social conflicts, and stress,

support local and international endeavors toward the improvement of living conditions and social relations and relationships, for a peaceful world and life within  


“The liberation of the earth, the liberation of women, the liberation of all humanity is the next step of freedom we need to work for, 
and it’s the next step of peace that we need to create.” 
Vandana Shiva
"What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another."
Mahatma Gandhi
“If words were adequate to describe fully what the dance can do, there would be no reason for all the mighty muscular effort, the discomfort, the sweat, and the splendors of that art.” 
José Arcadio Limón
"The hot breath of our turbulent times" should finally be expressed in Vienna in a revolution in the art of dance"
Gertrud Bodenwieser



Worlding play 2030 connecting imaginary lines

  by T_Ch.

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