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Organization Background:

Pearl Integrated Development Agency (PIDA)-Uganda is a registered Community-Based Nonprofit Organization CBS/105/015/014 operating at the grass-root level in Busia district Eastern Uganda.

Goal: To help single mothers and vulnerable children lead meaningful life. PIDA-Uganda was founded for women by women. PIDA-Uganda was established in 2014, with 20 full-time members formed in consultation with the community. The organization was formed after the women and youth realized the effects of illiteracy, climate change, HIV/AIDS high poverty levels, and high school dropout rates among girls. Girls who leave school prior to completion are often more likely to marry and be unemployed, which greatly affects their lives.

Mission: To enhance the capacities and capabilities of rural women groups by developing and implementing programs aimed at improving the standard of living of their communities. This is achieved through the sustainable use of the environment and the available resources.

Vision: Envision a transformed community with no poverty and illiteracy free amongst the less privileged in society.

Core values: Pearl Integrated Development Agency (PIDA)-Uganda's works with communities and other stakeholders are guided by its core values. These core values will be applied and upheld at all times by all members of staff of PIDA as well as in their relations with third parties, partners, and stakeholders associated with PIDA-Uganda in any way.


The core values include Professionalism, Transparency, Innovation, Compassion, Gender, and cultural sensitivity.


Main objectives:

·       To improve the livelihood of the rural communities in the pilot areas especially the women groups, the poor, and the disadvantaged.

·       To encourage the use of energy-saving techniques in order to reverse the wood fuel crisis in the district.

·       To sensitize the women and raise awareness about the diverse problems experienced by rural women on the subject of family health, nutrition, HIV & AIDs, and girl child education.



·       Health and HIV & AIDS prevention, care, and treatment.

·       Water and sanitation.

·       Educational support.

·       Environmental sustainability.

·       Livelihood & economic empowerment.


Target beneficiaries: In school and out of school both girls & boys 15-17 years and single mothers 17-35 years.


Our accomplishments and achievements:

Enormous progress has been made in achieving The Sustainable Development Goals; catering for the needs of the poorest and most disadvantaged, for the past three years, we have been striving to empower the illiterates and poverty-stricken people across the district and integrating them into society:

Livelihood: We have been able to provide mothers of 50 families with improved varieties of seeds, key inputs, training in animal and crop husbandry to empower them to become autonomous through their businesses. This will in turn help the families financially to keep their girls in school organizations that supported us Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Program (UWEP) Government of Uganda.

Education: We have able to provide scholastic materials, pays school fees, transport to & from school, pocket money, menstrual hygiene products, and other basic needs to 5 girls 15-17 years from deprived backgrounds who excel in Primary Leaving Examinations to continue with secondary school education outside Busia district. These items are distributed on a termly basis throughout. We have able to distribute books & reading materials to 4 private primary schools to improve the reading culture in schools working closely with teachers in community schools & local leaders to help those children who are from not well-off families get access to reading materials to have a profound effect in increasing literacy partner organizations that have supported us Book Aid International-UK, Biblionef-The Hague, Netherlands, Education saves-UK. We have been able to impact a spirit of creativity & enterprise to 20 bright & talented girls 15-17 years from deprived backgrounds who for reasons beyond their capacity were forced to drop out of school these interventions have been in three sectors: motor mechanic, agribusiness development, construction & building our training is on practical skills these courses last between 3-12 months partner organizations that have supported us Vraag & Aabon International in the Netherlands, Gered Gereedschap-Netherlands and Tools with a Mission(TWAM)-UK.

Water & sanitation: We have been able to ensure supply of clean safe running water by improving two natural spring wells in Butangasi village, Masaba Subcounty, saving 1,000 lives per day to address the acute water supply shortages, reduce the distance to water sources, reduce mother to child death, water-related illnesses and health risks in communities partner organization that have supported us GlobalGreengrant Fund-USA.



We are confronted with extraordinary challenges, we are a very small organization operating on a shoestring with a small team and limited resources, lack of access to funds, practical training, and other resources prevents us from delivering on our unique values. This is especially true for women-led organizations like ours frequently funding comes with strings attached, funders restrict funds to a particular program, the work of finding, applying for, and reporting on funding creates a large amount of administrative work for organizations and actively pulls resources away from projects at the community level. The number of single mothers is on the rise across the Busia district as a consequence of COVID 19, after months of staying at home a number of girls 15-17 because of peer pressure & desire for material things have been lured into sex by boda-boda riders and village boys, lockdown & closure of schools gave girls in rural communities a lot of time to interact, COVID 19 pandemic has shattered lives & career prospects of these girls who have turned into mothers prematurely. There is a need to plan for post-COVID 19 livelihood programs.



On November 12,2020 Pearl Integrated Development Agency (PIDA)-Uganda signed a cooperation agreement with ACD- Agency for Cultural Diplomacy of Vienna Austria for free educational and organizational consultancies and media promotion of our activities, capacity building with our local, regional, and international institutions, and authorities. within the frame of the ACD-M4Life platform ehich has been created for solidarity projects, in support of initiatives for sustainable development via media promotion and consulting on adaptive management, talent management, art, and intercultural global education-SDG oriented activities, social design, and community health program.

The partnership will help improve our communication skills and empower us to find the best way to sustain challenges by our own capacities, to find creative solutions, to work with less, for more progress and common benefit. On March 3,2020 Pearl Integrated Development Agency (PIDA)-Uganda signed a partnership agreement with Book Aid International a charity and limited company registered in England and Wales to provide appropriate books to schools & libraries, support an environment in which reading for pleasure, study & lifelong learning to flourish.

I am pleased to share with you a few of our goals for the next three years:


Addressing the health needs of the most disenfranchised:

We are lobbying for financial support & assistance from potential donors to address infrastructural challenges to take health services closer within 2kms where women can walk and get services by constructing a medical health facility. Victoria medical clinic will be a private Nonprofit health facility accredited to Pearl Integrated Development Agency (PIDA)-Uganda registered by Busia district local government, District Community Development Office, to reduce maternal mortality and strengthen healthcare services across five of the worst affected Subcounties in Busia district-Masaba is one of them. 

The clinic will provide: maternal and child health services, health promotion and preventive, services, general clinical services, basic laboratory services, normal deliveries, adolescents Sexual and Reproductive Health needs, antenatal care, postnatal care, prevention of mother to child transmission care (PMTCT), immunization programs, dispensary services, minor surgical procedures, Primary health care services, and Non-invasive services.

Improving sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and services:

We have a program to set up a community-driven information platform to provide accurate information, increase awareness, and literacy on disease prevention as well as promoting healthy behavior among the population. The information point will focus on these areas:

·       Adolescent sexual reproductive health and menstrual health.

·       Early marriages and life after pregnancy.

·       Violence against girls & women.

·       Sexual abuse & harassment- ensure girls are safe at school.


Ending child marriages:

We are committed to achieving The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals target of ending child marriage by 2030. We are involved in an initiative to address child marriages as a global human rights challenge we believe one of the best ways to end child marriage is to keep girls in school, by keeping girls in school, girls will have had a better chance for safety and security, to health and education, and to make their own life choices and decisions.


Rural entrepreneurship program:

We have an empowerment women entrepreneurship training program to equip aspiring girls & women entrepreneurs in small businesses, food processing, mobile money agents, those in Agri & saloon business among others with the competence, confidence, and connections to build a strong foundation for their businesses, participants will receive practical knowledge and guidance on how to move from idea to start up using a framework that will improve long-term sustainability and profitability of their businesses.


Helping survivors of gender-based violence:

We have a program to work with girls & women who have experienced gender-based violence and multiple disadvantages throughout their lives, provide counseling services, legal aid, make referrals to service providers and economic opportunities, increase capacity to help survivors heal from abuse, and become powerful advocates for every woman’s right to a life free of violence.


 What we need:

  • Flexible funding.
  • Training & capacity building.
  • Tools and resources.



PIDA-Uganda governance:

Pearl Integrated Development Agency (PIDA)-Uganda has a project steering committee, which is the highest decision-making body of the organization.  It has an active board composed of five members; an executive committee responsible for keeping proper accounting records that disclose with reasonable accuracy at any time the financial position of the organization, responsible for safeguarding the assets of the charity and hence for taking reasonable steps for the prevention and detection of fraud and other irregularities, performs the day-to-day management of activities, works closely with the staff. Core staff team comprising: Project Coordinator, Administrative & Logistics Assistant, Program Officer, Part-time financial consultant, six female & four male volunteers with many years of individual experience on board to undertake the day-to-day running of the office.



Psc (8 members)

Board (5 members)

Executive (5) members

Project coordinator: program officer, Admin (logistic assistant), Counselor


SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR PARTNERS: GlobalGreengrant Fund-USA, Agency for Cultural Diplomacy (ACD)-Vienna Austria, Book Aid International-UK, Girls Not Brides-UK, The Obama Foundation, Biblionef-The Hague, Netherlands, Education Saves Lives-UK.


Contact us:

Post Office Building, Plot1 Busia-Jinja Road

P.O Box 496 Busia Municipality.

Chief Executive Officer:

Cellphone: +256771825689, WhatsApp+256758690223,



Jude Lambda

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