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UNESCO MONDIACULT world conference on cultural policies and sustainability 2022 organized by the government of Mexico

ACD-event in contribution:

29th of September 2022

9.30-4.40 pm CET

in Vienna, Austria on-site, ZOOM, and worldwide virtually


Eventbrite- info: register here



Promotional video with welcoming message by Ambassador of Mexico to Austria H.E. ambassador LUIS JAVIER CAMPUZANO PIÑA






Welcoming words by

H.E. Ambassador LUIS JAVIER CAMPUZANO PIÑA ambassador of Mexico in Austria, 9.30 CET


Introductory remarks by the event organizer 



9.45 am – 11.45 am CET


Cultures of Sustainability, sustainable cultures

from the perspective of the Austrian and international cultural institutes, academia, and diaspora communities


Presentations from Media_ Diaspora communities on:

The role of media in development, communication and promotion of cultural heritage abroad, voices from diaspora, transcultural bridges with 17 UN SDGs; cultural practices toward 2030: SDGs-oriented cultures in dialogue of diverse Austrian, European and global communities from the perspective of diaspora &CSOs”



° Austrian library Rijeka, R. Croatia, Prof. Dr. Aneta Stojić, scientific director: Austria-Croatia 30 years anniversary of diplomatic relationsAustrian library in Rijeka – ´just´ a library or maybe more? “


° Hrvatska Matica Iseljenika, Pula /RH Barbara Buršić Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development from the perspective of Croatian Diaspora: Hrvatska Matica Iseljenika (HMI) as a connecting bridge between homeland and hostland


° OKTO Community TV-GmbH  (co-host of the side-event): Dr. Christian Jungwirth, CEO OKTO community TV GmbH 


Q/A, comments, remarks: shared in the chat space


11.45 am- 12. 30 CET: turning the cameras and microphones off, Atemzug, Federflug .. chat space, coffee, tea, waterdrops  …


12.15  – 2. 30 pm CET

Orange Feather_ Breath of time -  Session: arts_sciences_diplomacy 2030 …

practices & alliances

The role and impact of arts in cultural policies implementation & in science diplomacy sustainability policy communication: citizen science, creative ecologies, gender approach”  




°IIASA Vienna: Nadejda Komendantova, Researcher at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis on “The importance of International collaborations in science& research”


° University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna: Dr. Daniel Dörler, Dr. Florian Heigl- founders of the Citizen Science Network Austria and the platform Österreich forscht: Citizen Science – doing research together”


New encounters on historical traces, dance arts UNESCO heritage in contemporary art practices toward 2030 …

applying on holistic and revolutionary methodology grounded in the Austrian Ausdruckstanz and modern dance movements in Europe and worldwide in contemporary art 2030 …: presentations, interactive sessions with well-acts movement and voice exercises dance arts4health_ dance arts 4 peace&prosperity;


Introductory video presentations: 

 The Table of Silence Project 9/11 Behind the Scenes: Courtesy of Buglisi Dance Theatre 

a multi-cultural performance ritual for peace realized through a transcendent ceremony for 150+ dancers, musicians, and chorus swathed in white

Concept, Choreography, Direction, Copyright © Jacqulyn Buglisi, Artistic Director Buglisi Dance Theatre


“Dance arts cultural diplomacy: cultural heritage in contemporary dance, by the example of the production “čipka” 

Concept, Choreography, Direction, Copyright ©  Maša Kolar choreographer, director of the National Ballet Ensemble Rijeka, Croatia 



° Dr. Claudia Fleischle-Braun: "MODERNER TANZ - Dance Education for Future. An agenda for the promotion, dissemination an structural development in the field of Central European Modern Dance."


d.a4h Bodenwieser-Mandukic international team

° Prof. Dr. Carol Brown NZ/AU: “Transnational Dance & Sustaining “Demonenmaschine 21. jh, movement & memory, breathing politics”


Tatjana Christelbauer M.A. art_scientist “Orange ´Feather_ Stille -post 25/11x365: a guide to ethic imagination, violence prevention, thought experiment, Heartbell & Featherflight movement exercises;


° Joe Alegado, former principal dancer in Jose Limon dance company, choreographer “Shifting roots: the Alegado movement language”



Q/A, comments, remarks: shared in the chat space


2.30 pm-2.45 pm CET: in-between times, turning our cameras and microphones off,  Atemtzug, Featherflug ..


2.45 pm -4.30 pm CET

Youth Voices Feathership2030 session:

Let´s brick 2030 .. parlaMINT 4SDGs


SDGs perceived by youth:

HeArtBell 2030 ... #stayinlove poster-and artworks presentations:

how can the culture of peace be practiced and promoted more effectively, to prevent and ban raising gender-based violence, and support health and wellbeing? How can culture make an impact on transformations and change toward common prosperity? 

For what UN SDG mostly is your heart strongly beating? What challenges in your natural and social environment are „ringing the bell“ to be maintained, and conditions improved?


Talk session in collaboration with ADEPS Noah´s Ark academy Maragoli, Kenya

Video messages of the ACD-youth ambassadors of Heartbell2030..#stayinlove event:

Miriam Mmbone (14 j. Noah´s Ark Academy Maragoli, Kenya & Marko Dimitrijevic (15 j.) Vienna, student of the Hegelgasse High School for Music & Arts, a former member of the Vienna boy ́s choir (Wiener Sängerknaben) 


Q/A, comments, remarks: shared in the chat space



4.30 pm: Presentation and Closing remarks by Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Mexico, Lorenz Brunner

"Austrian Cultural Foreign Policy in Latin America & Sustainability as a driver"


Herzlichen Dank, Srdačno hvala, Cordial Thank You, Gracias de mi corazón, Asante sana!




Tatjana Christelbauer M.A.

Organizer, program manager, contributor, event-moderator

ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy association president



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