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 LifeArts in Human relations

inTalk &Play~Well Sessions

BGF2030: bertrieblicher Gesundheitsförderung2030;

Work~Life Balance;

Community Health Program



ArtResponse C-19. Solidarity in the time of COVID-19-crisis




sektorenübergreifende Bildungspartnerschaften, Projekte und Kooperationen:




BGF2030 Art&Health: Sicher2030 




Talk Sessions, ArtVital Workhops



·Orange Feather Greet:

learning to practice attentive relations: Storytelling und kreatives Werkstatt



° Mädchen- und Frauenspezifische Mode (Gespräche mit österreichischen Designerin Elke Freytag)

·  kritische Auseinandersetzung  mit Geschlechterrollen- und Konzepten



Interkulturelle Gesundheitsvermittlung

 Körperintegrität: Tanz/Yoga Workshops und Gesprächsrunden über Körperkulturen- und  


·  Migration, Integration, Identitätskonzepte (Gesprächsrunden, Kunstprojekte)


Internationale Projekte:

Generation Equality:SDG5 (Lesungen, Konferenzbesuche, Vernetzung)

.  Preventing Violence against Women in close relationships through early gender-sensitive education

1325 - UN Security Council Resoultion on Women, Peace and Security: projects:  

  Rosa M. Peace Alliance F*Air




Educational Fashion-Project: "Ich tupfe Rosa dahin wo es mir gefällt ... "

  with Austrian and international designers, representatives from art, media, politics

  and other fields on life styles, diversity and gender roles, co-existence and respose-ible "self in context"


ACD- Ambassadors for this platform:


1. ACD- Ambassador for Beratung.Training.Coaching: Ms. Ina Biechl

1. ACD- Ambassador for FashionArtEdu: Austrian Fashion Designer Ms. Elke Freytag,

1. ACD- Ambassador for Life Style: Austrian/International Actress and Yoga life style practitioner Ms. Natalie Alison

1. ACD- Ambassador for Airshow tours and SDG5 in Pakistan, Ms. Asiya Mughal


Initiative for improvement of the UNSCR 1325 through educational sessions and activities for Women to be actively engaged in Peace keeping missions, conflict mitigation and their active envolvment in decision making processes.

Projects  in development: F*Air

 UN*Tragbar: 1325

Rosa M. Peace Alliance1325



ACD – platform LifeArts has been launched for educational purposes with the aim to contribute to the current debates on gender equality and freedom of expression through interdisciplinary research, educational sessions, creative workshops and public events. Dance workshops, Yoga sessions and Talk sessions on IR Feminism, fashion and life styles are organised by ACD and partner institutions, ACD- ambassadors and special guests.



Fashion can be instrumental in shaping the tone and nature of identity and gender relations. It is also an actual vessel of political legitimacy and unique space for artists, audiences, and other stakeholders in cultural and educational management. In this regard, the ACD team have initiated developed partnerhips and have developed educational sessions within the field of fashion industry, with the aim to reach wide population by providing gender- sensitive education through the fashion and life style- oriented activities.


Fashion can positivly stimulate interaction among nations, as a contemporary gathering of individuals who share and exchange their creative works toward common benefit and development.

Fashion has a symbolic power, in term of representation. Its exhibition constructs and persuades meaning through demonstrating. Especially traditional clothes transfers social standards and cultural concepts with regard to the body, gender, aesthetics, gesture , taste and cultural roles.

Hence, the symbolic power of „fabrics“ for development of identity, imposes in some way the spectar of legitimacy of the social order. In its political importance, fashion can raise awareness for diverse nations and cultures, but also for individuals and their contribution to the positive change and prosperity to communities.


Fashion media plays significant role in providing of trends, attitudes and values.

Fashion shows, fashion magazines, fashion blogging and all kinds of social media have became a major outlet for spreding trends and promoting a causes, such as healthy behaviour, but also to initiate changes of life styles, values and attitudes, set trends and contribute to the political changes regarding position of women in the society, women rights and education for girls, so as provide constructive solutions and models for development of the wider sense of belonging within a global homeland.

Brands have a potential for economical and educational empowerment of women and girls within developing countries and beyond. Building brand awareness and credibility for traditional crafts and techniques, fabrics, patterns and design, fashion industry can support especially female designers, which are the largest group of workers within this industry in developing countries to reach better working and life conditions, better staging of the self within family and society through economical independence and education and train young enterprenuers across all countries to learn how to connect and to support other projects and initiatives through their engagement.


Cooperation among professionals from creative industries (fashion, media) and those from education, training and consulting on gender issues, will result with building of synergies to support young generation in their orientation toward life styles and trends whith critical observation. 


ACD team works with local, national and international designers


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