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ACD–Agency for Cultural Diplomacy president Tatjana Christelbauer have created Cultural Ambassadors Award in 2016 with the aim to honor professionals from various fields of arts, science, media, education and international relations, who are actively contributing to the current Global discoures on Sustainability by improvement of intercultural relations through their engagement and are envolved in activities of the civil society at the regional and/or international level with global impact.


ArtImpact2030-initiative encompases all ACD-filds of actions and activities and will welcome new members, fellows, supportes and ambassadors who are interested to share their suggestions, activities and projects with our international community, to deliver relevant examples about how individuals, communities and institutions are actively engaged for the realisation of the UN SDGs as a common frame of values. ACD-Ambassadors are promoting intercultujral exchange and people-to-people cultural diplomacy through ACD-actvities within their regions and fields of work.


Your examples will be shared via ACD-media pages and its partners, members and friends, up to  2019. 

In this regard, the supporting 1-year membership for ArtImpact2030 initiative have been created: 20,30 Euros for all individuals, who are willing to support our projects and further more, to contribute to promotion of inspiraring examples from across world.   


Our team is grateful for donations and other forms of support, such as media promotion of our activities, delivery of our ACD-Awards by diplomatic post if needed, assignments and invitation of ACD team to support or to create projects and events for corporations, Embassies, educational institutions, and other interested partners and supporters.


Apply to became ACD-Ambassador, support our initiative, connect&act!



ACD-Ambassador Award is a sign of honor of civilians whose achievements extend beyond those recognized by traditional awards for the formal diplomatic activities. The Award furthers ACD´s strategic goals to promote esteeming attitude and attentive relations to and within the social and natural environment at all levels through quality education, participation in thematic travells organised or recomended by the ACD-Team, activities to support the improvement of the UN SDGs´ (Global Goals), building of regional and international partnerships, collaboration and various Cultural diplomacy activities within the civil society. ACD-Ambassador Award is an action to build the global network of the civilian actors in the field based on „people to people cultural exchange“ through storytelling activities, among other forms of exchange and dissemination of experiences, knowledge and interests for Sustainable Development of Peace and Safety within all sectors.


In 2019 ACD-President have created ACD-Children&Youth Ambassador Award by suggestion of the 11-years old Harumi Muruchi from Japan which will act as first ACD-Children&Youth Ambassador.



letter of acceptance to become ACD-Ambasador with agreement of the legal guardian
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