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ACD–Agency for Cultural Diplomacy president Tatjana Christelbauer have created Cultural Ambassadors Award in 2016 with the aim to honor professionals from various fields of arts, science, media, education, and international relations, who are actively contributing to the current global endeavors for sustainable development, to the improvement of intercultural relations through their engagement and are involved in activities of the civil society at the regional and/or international level with global impact.


ACD-Ambassador Award is a sign of honor of civilians whose achievements extend beyond those recognized by traditional awards for formal diplomatic activities.

The Award furthers ACD´s strategic goals to promote esteeming attitude and attentive relations to and within the social and natural environment. 

ACD-Ambassador Award is an action to build the global network of the civilian actors in the field based on „people-to-people cultural exchange“  and dissemination of experiences, knowledge, and interests for Sustainable Development, Peace, and Safety, within all sectors.


In 2019 ACD-President have created ACD-Children&Youth Ambassador Award at the suggestion of the 11-years old Harumi Muruchi from Japan which will act as the first

ACD-Children&Youth Ambassador.



Current ACD-Members and ACD-Ambassadors

are cooperating at 5 continents in 16 countries:  


ACD-ArtImpact2030-Ambassadors (Free membership):

1. Aleksandra Bajde MA /SLO

2.Michaela Sorhoz MA/AT/ACD (internaitonal relations professional)

3.Matic Gajsek MA/SL (international relations professional)

4.Magdalena Friderica Wächter-Stanfel /AT (art educator)

5.Amro Selim/Egypt (media manager, researcher)

6. Beena Unnikrishnan/India ( Tantric artist,& film maker, CEO Iris Green Pvt Ltd)


ACD-Orange Feather Initiative
1. Ms. Ana Sofrenovic/RS/UK (actress&singer)

2. Prof. Dr. Carol Brown AU/NZ (performing arts&sciences/dance)


ACD-Dance Arts Ambassadors (free membership):

1. Andrea Raw/BR (academic dance performer, modern dance teacher)

2. Mag. Andrea Nagl /AT (academic contemporary dancer, performing artist) 

3. Antonio Fini /IT (performing artist, Fini dance festival founder)

4. Alain Michigan/Fra


Airshow Ambassadors (first ACD-Ambassadors)

(Free membership by becoming ACD-Airshow Ambassador)

1. Lazar Bulatovic /RS (sociology, public speaking)

2. Alisa Kockar MA/RS (political scientist)

3. Milan Simonovic MA/RS political sciences, theology)

4. Radomir Jovanovic MA/RS (political scientist, CD)

5. Ruzica Rsumovic/RS (english teacher)

6. Mag. Nadezda Dinic/RS (IT Manager)

7. Aleksandar Vraneseveic/RS (Web designer)

8. Mag. Vladimir Tesic/RS (WBRC researcher, military)

9. Daniela Zeljko MA/CRO (IR, CD, economy)

10. Anna Bozic MA/CRO (CD, international relations)

11. Joelize Friedrichs AG Pilot/BR


Gender&Lifestyle Ambassadors (free membership):

1. Ina Biechl/AT (consultant, trainer)

2. Elke Freytag /AT(fashion designer)

3. Natali Alison AT/USA (actress, yoga teacher)

4. Asya Parween Mughal /PAK (gender&diversity project manager)


ACD-Culinary Ambassadors (free membership):

1. Marija Burusic /KRO (Radetzky Rice)

2. Marijana Berlakowich /AT (Fanny Elßler Wine)


ACD-Youth-Cultures Ambassador (free membership)s:

1. Una-Srna Sehic /KRO (Lifestyle, MuA)

2. Nicole Gattermayer MA /AT/CYP (internaitonal relations professional)


ACD-Global Education „Let´s brick“ Ambassadors (free membership):

1.Megan Oteri /USA (art educator, LEGO SEriousPlay facilitator

2.Kei Murauchi/Jp (IT Managememnt by NTT)

3.Harumi Murauchi/Jp (Youth Ambassador)


ACD-CD-media-Ambassador: Edoardo Petiziol


ACD-Wor(l)ding-Music-Ambassadors  2016-2018

Reduced 2-years membership for active contributors to ACD-Events (90 Euro fee) 

1. Shiori Hiroguchi/J, Musician (Violine)

2. Ekaterina Timofeeva/RUS, Musician (Violine)

3. Christelbauer Bertin/AT, Musician (Cello)

4. Ehsan Baghaie Heravi /IRN, Musician (Oud, Piano)


ACD-members total: 44

ACD-ambassadors total: 42



Our team is grateful for donations and other forms of support, such as media promotion of our activities, delivery of our ACD-Awards by diplomatic post if needed, assignments, and invitation of the ACD-Team to support or to create projects and events for corporations, Embassies, educational institutions, and other interested partners and supporters.



Apply to become ACD- Ambassador, support our initiative, connect&act!



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