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Worlding Music

 cultural diplomacy practices in the field of music



is a terminus that has been created and described by Tatjana Christelbauer in 2009 as

a playful composition of two entities

"world" and "word" that relate to the connective potential of language play that led to imaginative attempts into diverse cultural landscapes by pronouncing of words,

by hearing sounds, and integrating them into individual scenarios connected with memory. Such exercises enable its practitioners to play in a diversity of sounds and forms and connect them by individual relational experience into one lifeworld. 


Example of Wor(l)ding-Music

by working with well-known compositions such as

Blue Danube Wals

composed by Austrian composer Johann Strauss: 


 Starting with warming up and improvising to one particular phrase from the composition, then translating it in individual interpretation, for 30 sec.,

making a point (stanca) to end the phrase by the extended length of one tone or by percussive accent on one last tone, or ...

By actively listening to each other's interpretations, each musician enters the stage in a particular moment and tonality that has been individually recognized as suitable to connect on it and continue with own interpretation.

The play continues until all individual interpretations have been performed and connected in the final act when all performers together start playing the phrase in the manner as it has been composed by the particular composer. 


Apply for

Wor(l)ding-Music Workshops & Talks with ACD-Ambassadors



ACD -Wor(l)ding - Music ambassadors


ACD-team organizes workshops and seminars on Wor(l)ding - Method with the aim to build an interdisciplinary network within various fields of Arts.

Participants have the opportunity to become ACD-Wor(l)ding-Ambassadors after playing at ACD-events,

and in a further step, all ACD-ambassadors can exchange individual lectures, offer Workshops and develop projects.


The first ACD - Wor(l)ding Ambassadors has been announced at the ACD promoting the event on October 13th, 2016 in Vienna, after completing the Wor(l)ding - Music workshop and performing their creation together at the event:


Mag. Bertin Christelbauer (Violoncello, Anton Bruckner Orchester Linz, Kammer Musiker, ACD- Musikbotschafter)

Shiori Horiguchi (Viola, Anton Bruckner Orchester)

Ehsan Baghaie Heravi (Piano, Wagner Conservatorium Wien)

Ekaterina Timofeeva (Viola, Anton Bruckner Orchester Linz)


The topic of the first Wor(l)ding - Music workshop:

playing contrapuntal,

performing integrative inclusion of the polyphonic variations to the music of the W. A. Mozart


Scientific input was given by questions deriving from postcolonial and postmodern studies, such as the questions of representation, cultural identity, sense of belonging/attachment, translations...

This was the first Wor(l)ding workshop with classical musicians and after their successful collaboration ACD will continuously work on the further development of such sessions worldwide and within various styles of music, dance, languages, and other forms and fields of art and science.


The ACD - Wor(ll)ding Ambassadors are professionals who practice and promote the culture of unity in a variety of expressions.



The Wor(l)ding- challenge in 2017 for the ACD 1st anniversary celebration was an interpretation of the "Blue Danube Valse" written by Austrian composer Johann Strauss in 1866/67 with the original title

"An der schönen blauen Donau".

The trio has performed solo improvisations and then continued in a female duett, while one musician was acting as a "Male recital" by playing on Oud.


We play, 

interpret, compose

and create music stories in cooperation with musicians, dancers, actors, philosophers, diplomats, and all others interested to join our activities.



„I think that the presentation of Austria

is very much based on culture

and therefore I think it’s quite helpful.

Sometimes I think that to look at outstanding persons like artists, writers, and composers in a nation is nonsense because what they are producing is always a mixture of the experiences

from a time period.

For example, Mozart was writing operas with a lot of Turkish music

and Schubert also wrote a Turkish March.

So I don’t think it’s not possible to identify and nail it down on a national level.“


 Dr. Erhard Busek

former vice-chancellor of Austria and chairman of the Institute IDM, from the interview with Kim Cornett

at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin Vice-Chancellor-of-Austria at 11/3/2011

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