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Worlding Music

ACD- platform contemporary cultural diplomacy practices worldwide and within various fields of intercultural/international relations:

practicing variety of expressions, finding (composing) consensus in complementarity of impressions


"Worlding" is a termini which have been defined by Tatjana Christelbauer in 2009 as

a composition of two entities "world" and "word" with a performative character and with aim to connect, to materialize a new form by use of language plays (relating to L.Wittgenstein and J.F.Lyotard a.o) in all forms of communication. Weather by words from spoken languages, or through artistic forms such as dance, music, fine arts and beyond.



ACD -Wor(l)ding - Music ambassadors


ACD organizes workshops and seminars on Wor(l)ding - Method with the aim to build interdisciplinary network within various fields of Arts. Participants have opportunity to act as Wor(l)ding - Ambassadors for certain ACD- platforms of action and to actively contribute to the current debates.


The first ACD - Wor(l)ding Ambassadors has been announced at the ACD promoting event on October 13th 2016 in Vienna, after completing the Wor(l)ding - Music workshop and performing their creation together at the event:


Mag. Bertin Christelbauer (Violoncello, Anton Bruckner Orchester Linz, Kammer Musiker, ACD- Musikbotschafter)

Shiori Horiguchi (Viola, Anton Bruckner Orchester)

Ehsan Baghaie Heravi (Piano, Wagner Conservatorium Wien)

Ekaterina Timofeeva (Viola, Anton Bruckner Orchester Linz)


The topic of the first Wor(l)ding - Music workshop: playing contrapuncti, integrative inclusion of the polyphonic variations in relation to the music  of the W. A. Mozart and to the questions from postcolonial studies, such as the question of representation, cultural identity, cross-cultural sense of belonging. This was the first Wor(l)ding workshop with classical musicians and after their succesful collaboration ACD will continuously work on further development of such sessions worldwide and within various styles of music, dance, languages, and other forms and fields of art and science.


The ACD - Wor(ll)ding Ambassadors are professionals who practice and promote the culture of unity in the variety of expressions.


Video recordings, blogs, foto gallery and other media about previous Wor(l)ding- workshops will be soon documented on this platform, as well as open calls for new projects and sessions.


The Wor(l)ding- challenge in 2017 for the ACD 1st anniversary celebration was interpretation of the "Blue Danube Valse" written by Austrian composer Johann Strauss in 1866/67 with original title

"An der schönen blauen Donau".

The trio has performed solo improvisations and than continued in a female duett, while one musician was acting as a "Male recital" by playing on Oud.




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