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Smart Travellers, ACD - Cultural Exchange Ambassadors


ACD - Smart Travellers invests in Travels

with Added value:


Free seminars and introductory Talk Sessions on Cultural diplomacy, 2 - years of Free ACD -Membership

"Smart Traveller" and/or ACD - Cultural exchange Ambassador- certificate

for participation in the Thematic trips which are organized, supported, or recommended

by the ACD team


Smart travels have been approached as a set of thematic guided excursions with the aim to explore diverse forms of cultural expressions in dialogues, conduct traditions, and cultural practices, within a common frame of values grounded in the UN Agenda 2030 and the 17 SDGs, as the shared value compass 4 now & then 


 "Wheels of Cultures": Cultural Diplomacy 2030 


ACD- CD Tours are organized Thematic trips for students, professionals, and all who like to travel and are interested to share their travel experiences with larger audiences with added value to their Smart Investments, to learn about methods and forms of Sustainable development-oriented Cultural Diplomacy in the practice of civil society, in collaboration with diverse networks and communities, governmental and non-governmental entities. 


ACD -Smart Travellers and Cultural Exchange Ambassadors

"SHARE what they LIKE with critical view": quality reports on impressions from thematic travels are reviewed by the ACD team before publishing online, to ensure quality and to prevent any compromising notes. Freedom of expression is given by an equal amount of responsibility, to avoid any form of hate speech, and share critical views and impressions without judgment, rather with meaningful questions, and contact those to whom the writing is addressed. 


The aim of composing reports from travel is to shed light on good practices, new knowledge gained, and inspirations, which can motivate the wider population to explore Smart travels, green tourism, invest in engaged guides and experience-based knowledge, as declared in the ACD- code of conduct.


The first ACD - Smart Travellers from Belgrade to the Airpower 2016 with the Airpower representatives


Smart Travels are organized, supported or recommended by ACD and its partners, as a part of the project

"Wheels of cultures".

Smart travels include regional and international thematic trips by minibusses, train, plane, walk, and all other forms of mobility.

ACD-Ambassador Antonio Fini /It/USA has created Bailando on the road-tour and international dance festivals in Villapiana, Italy, to bring together regional, European and international art professionals and students together, and to support the regional development through art education - tourism.


 Thematic Trips which are organized by ACD-Team include Meetings with representatives from the governmental, non-governmental, and other institutions, communities, groups of interests, celebrities; Talk-and Foto- Sessions;


Participants must sign all required documents, including the ACD- Code of conduct.

After the exchange of documents as formulated in the application form, participants have the opportunity to take part in the Free preparatory seminars and informational sessions on Cultural Diplomacy (e-learning via Skype meetings, email exchange, networking via ACD social media pages).


Exchange of partner declaration among ACD and transporting partners by special thematic trips that are not open for wider audiences are mandatory.


By participation in Thematic trips which are supported and/or recommended by ACD, a number of participants who will have the opportunity to become ACD- CD Ambassador will be announced by ACD- Team.



ACD- Smart travellers to the Airpower 2016 with representatives from Frecce Tricolori


The purpose of the Smart Travell tours is to enhance direct cultural and educational exchange through thematic visits and creative activities which will enable participants, to learn about and to practice cultural diplomacy within various fields of action, to disseminate quality information, to promote smart investments into educational trips and to grow their network by connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations from across Europe and worldwide, so as to start development of new cooperations and creation of new job opportunities.


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