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A4S4CD-2030-Panel Session

introduction of the platform within the

S4D4C- Horizon Project Final Network Meeting Conference

S4D4C Final Network Meeting Conference


16th March 2021, 10.30 pm-12.00 pm (CET)


Building Alliances, Reinforcing the science for diplomacy communication 





There are currently worldwide many Arts&Science academic programs, but not connected with courses on science diplomacy and international relations. The soft power potential of artistic expression can attract and raise sympathy, but even more, it may raise critical and controversial dialogues, widen perspectives, and also influence political decisions.

The need for academic collaborations among Art&Sciences students and professionals with science diplomats and students in diplomacy is therefore given in the fact that Art is at the forefront of the European Cultural diplomacy together with science.


Furthermore, tailored training and workshops in cultural diplomacy education and development of soft skills for representatives from civil society organizations, cultural and diaspora communities will enable participants to widen their competencies in communication within a diverse global community and improve their knowledge and understanding of the European and national policies, thus, will enable them to adapt their agendas and activities in sync with the UN SDGs, and to actively contribute to the sustainable development process. 


Art_ Sciences_Diplomacy 2030- dialogue will support the European and global cultural diplomacy by a current paradigm shift from the competitive promotion of national cultures and traditions, toward UN SDG-oriented cooperations for mutual prosperity. 


In this regard, ACD- Agency for Cultural Diplomacy invites students, alumni, and practitioners from the fields of science, arts, diplomacy, and politics to build alliances and to conduct synergy in their endeavors toward sustainable development.

The platform A4S4CD-2030 opens up opportunities for the establishment of long-term cooperation between multiple stakeholders that can ensure successful science diplomacy responses in times of global challenges, and also serve as a model for the further development of the S4D4C-2030 project with an impact from the civilian sector.




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