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ACD - Agency for Cultural Diplomacy

Decade 2020~2030


Let´s brick & Play Well



compliance 2030, intersectional and international educational Sessions, and Business Partnerships for goals 2030-2050 ...


Our projects



Arts_environmental Humanities



cross-sectoral regional and international partnerships worlding 5Ps



Community Health Culture BGF2030

Federführung^dah vremena^

dance meditations in a language play,

breath of time




museum education, cultural promotion2030


Solidarity projects

IkuBi2030- Kinderradio 

in Austria, Kenya, Europe&Global

Education SDG3+4+ UN CRC Art.13: 



Arts&Humanities, Art&Health 2020; 

Zalike2030: Artistic response to the C-19 crisis;

KuBiPa-COOPS for decent work



F*Air 1325:

Women in Peace missions, Women in aviation, transformation and sustainability in the military field, and AG piloting



literarische Bildungsbrücken, Kunst- und Kulturvermittlungsprojekte


Dance arts, multimedia projects: 


MythArt.EUROPA Multimedia Projekte:



inTalk Sessions

online talks, interviews, blogs

Media space for dialogues, learning activities, development of perspectives toward Futures of education and life arts at all stages. Humanistic Education 21st ;

Let´s brick!-2050 Sessions with focus groups: 




  Bildungspartnerschaften NÖ-Kroatien,

M.SCHÖRL envisioning space: humanistic education 21st cent. International cooperations 




Projekte zum Europäischen Tag der Sprachen (EDL)

und UNESCO Initiative zur Förderung sprachlicher Vielfalt in Unterricht 



ACD-SDG strategy 2030.pdf
PDF-Dokument [2.7 MB]




Cultural Diplomacy2030:

projects with ACD-Ambassadors in Austria and abroad


Civilian actors for SDGs


*Árvore da Vida2030 Rio de Janeiro: SDG4+15+17 Dance Arts Cultural Diplomacy;

*M4Life: Digital diplomacy for SDG6+15+17 in Egypt and SDG4+SDG15+SDG8 in Kenya;

*Let´s brick! Intercultural bridges and ecology of attention inspired by Art and Architecture of Hundertwasser

in the USA and Japan: SDG4+15+17;

*iCONS2030: work-life balance in Lahore, Pakistan, diversity and new technologies for blind SDG10+4+17 Belgrade, Serbia 

Wheels of Arts: dance arts and tourism in Italy, Albany, USA: SDG4+15+17

*CD-Airshow Tours: SDG5+SDG17+SDG16 in Switzerland, Austria, Italy

*IkuBi2030: intercultural education 2030 in Austria, Swizerland SDG4+SDG15+SDG17 for SDG3

*MittelEuropa: SDG10+SDG11+SDG17 European Day of Languages; Arts, technologies and creative industries 


Activities in 2018: European Year of Cultural Heritage:

Hundertwasser`s Kunst im Nachhaltigkeitsdiskurs und im Feld der Kulturdiplomatie; Rosa Mayreder Peace Alliance, orange feather greet for the UN Women Orange Days; Let´s brick SDG´s!; 


22.Novemeber 2018 ArtImpact 2030-Manifesto

and the Annual General ACD-meeting 2018

Rosa ... with Tatjana Christelbauer and ACD-Ambassador for LifeArts, Austrian fashion designer Elke Freytag
Tatjana Christelbauer haus of der EU Vienna. SprachenSpiele for the European Day of Languages
Max Fabiani und Das Fin de siécle Symposium. Tatjana Christelbauer, Dr. Anja Fabiani in Cooperation with VHS Urania Wien, Sloweinshes Kulturinstitut, Botschaft der Republik Slowenien in Österreich, mit LR Michael Ludwig
Andrea Raw ACD-agency for Cultural Diplomacy Dance arts Ambassador for Brazil and Tatjana Christelbauer bei Vienna meets ... event
Anna Boozic, new ACD.-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy Ambassador for CD-Airshow tours and female group at the Airshow in Berlin ILA

12. Mai 2017 1st Year anniversary event with reception and General meeting at the Vienna Diplomatic Academy: "Diplomacy on stage: European Cultural Diplomacy. Civil society initiatives for the European integration and safety"


Preparatory actions, starting activities

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