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Contribution of Tatjana Christelbauer for the I Panamerican Modern Dance Congress in Rio de Janeiro 19th-23rd July 2019
Review for the Congress book
Choreographical composition and final performance of the students: Árvore da Vida2030 in which the movement research and the process of composing was initiated by Talk sessions on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, targeting specificly the gender roles and the process of transformation as a “shift of weights”.
Contribution of Tatjana Christelbauer fo[...]
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Partnerschaften für Globale Ziele Artimpact2030- eine Initiative von ACD-Präsidentin Tatjana Christelbauer

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Social impact of modern dance arts practice in contemporary discourses on sustainability and the UN Global Goals  


ACD-Ambassadors for Dance Arts, Partnerships and Activities for SDGs:

Andrea Nagl/AT: iCONS2030: SDG 15+SDG13+SDG4

Antonio Fini It/USA: Wheels of Arts: SDG4+SDG17+SDG16

Andrea Raw /BR: "In Spirit2030:Tree of Life": SDG4+SDG15+SDG17


EUROPE: DanceArts Mitteleuropa inSpiri2030




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