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Sammlung aus Foto-Viedodokumentationen, Blogbeiträge und andere ilustrative Formen über Aktivitäten von ACD-Mitglieder, ACD-Ambassadors und Freunden die mit ihren Projekten und Initiativen zu Verwirklichung von UN Globalen Zielen 2030 aktiv beitragen.



This page is dedicated to promotion of activities of the ACD-Members, ACD-Ambassadors, ACD-Partners and friends who are actively contributing to the improvement of the UN Global Goals 2030 with their projects and initiatives.


The aim of this media-collection is to raise transparenci about activities from the civilain actors for Global Goals 2030, to share ideas and inspirations, to empower eachothers efforts and to make our impact more visible.


Apply to became a part of the Initiative ArtImpact2030, sign ArtImpact2030-Manifesto, Connect&Act:

ACD-SDG strategy 2030.pdf
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Stille Post Human rights decl.pdf
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ACD- 2016-2020
ACD-book of activities, brief introduction, documents and Photodocumentation
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Report UNESCO Futures DEC.2020.pdf
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ACD-Financial statements 2016-19
ACD-financial statement 2016-21.pdf
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