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Cultural Democracy2030 ...


diversity of artistic and cultural expressions

within one common frame of values grounded in the UN Agenda2030 and the 17 SDGs, following the Ethical principles adopted in the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Diversity of Cultural Heritage 2005,

Hangzhou Declaration 2013-15 , UNESCO Declaration on Ethical Principles in relation to Climate Change


According to UNESCO data, the cultural and creative sector is one of the most powerful engines of development worldwide. It accounts for more than 48 million jobs globally –almost half of which are held by women – representing 6.2% of all existing employment and 3.1% of global GDP. It is also the sector that employs and provides opportunities for the largest number of young people under the age of 30.

However, the cultural and creative sector still does not have the place it deserves in public policies and international cooperation.


How can CSOs engage and help improve the conditions for the cultural and creative sector? ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy team provides educational sessions for youth and teachers, self-employed women in Arts & cultural sector (Let´s braid & orangetheworld team), organises Focus group meetings (UNESCO Futures of Education), public events (Vienna meets ...) and virtual sessions (inTalk, artImpact2030...) for exchanging experiences, practicing and ideas for the improvement of conditions.



Finanzbildung für Jugendliche, inklusive setting 

Finance literacy for BVI ¥outh 

Finanzbildung für selbständig beschäftigte Frauen in Kunst & Kulturbereich

Financial literacy, AI 4 women self-employed in arts


Hands-on workshops: Financial literacy, AI, Cultural Diplomacy in the practice of youth & CSOs,

Leadership in arts, Orange Economy


Register with the note bricks4futures at


AI Art acts 2030 ... performing diverse linguistic lifeworlds


European Day of Languages

deliberative approach to digital citizenship within the multilingual European & global landscape


The term Cultural Democracy was coined during the Eurocult conference in Helsinki organized by UNESCO in 1972, as a response to the aspiration of the ministers to agree on a shared cultural strategy, by embracing diverse artistic expressions and including a variety of cultures and arts into funds for the protection of the World Cultural Heritage, and beyond, for more just and democratic cultural policies, which will enable access to arts & culture for the wider population, diverse styles, and expressions, without pointing out one "elite" or mainstream art & cultural style.  


Cultural Democracy2030... as coined by the ACD team describes a diversity-inclusive approach to a variety of expressions deriving from arts and cultural practices, grounded within the UN Agenda2030 as one common frame of values. 


Aiming to actively contribute to the current transitions of cultures and lifestyles toward sustainable development, the ACD team initiates art-based educational projects and collaborative platforms, calling upon professionals from arts and culture, politics and diplomacy, economy and finance to engage in debates, exchange their experiences and views on current challenges they are facing, share their recommendations for the improvement of conditions and contribute to more just, democratic financial aids for professionals engaged in art education, performance, promotion, business, design, ..


In this regard, the ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy Association provides new virtual platforms for collaboration such as eviDance2030, Females4Futures (f4f), Orange Economy artImpact2030 ...


The Open Focus Group meeting CD4CD2030... in collaboration with the METE Onlus org. /It and in-kind support of the Anna Lindh Foundation national network Austria,

took apart on 31st of January 2023 on the side of the UN ECOSOC partnership forum and the high-level political forum


Welcome to engage in, connect & contribute to the improvement of the conditions, co-create new opportunities, and envision together prosperity due to our contribution toward 2030...

Note: CD2030...


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