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20,30 Euro-Supporting-Mitgliedschaft

für individuelle Unterstützungsmitglieder


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SIE SIND NEUIGIERIG, INTERESSIERT UND OFFEN DAFÜR, ÜBER GESCHICHTLICHEN UND GEGENWÄRTIGEN kultur-historischen Verbindungen zw. Europäischen Ländern und weltweit ZU LERNEN UND ZU FORSCHEN, ihre Erkenntnisse und Interessen mit regonalen und mit interantionalen Partner auszutauschen und ihre Resourcen gemeinsam zur Aufbau von kulturellen Verständigungsbrücken einzusetzen.





ACD Membership Overwiev


The ACD – Agency for Cultural Diplomacy (Agentur für Kulturdiplomatie) has launched open platforms for development and exchange of activities and initiatives within the wide field of cultural diplomacy.


In this regard, ACD - Team offers membership to individuals and organizations who are interested to join, to initiate and to support activities which will connect professionals and practitioners from across the world.


ACD membership involves two years- membership fee, as set by the ACD-General Assembly, and with the aim to establish their activities and develop a strong community within the two-year timeline, build trust and create partnerships with governmental and non- governmental institutions, stakeholders, corporations and among ACD-members, partners and followers.


To become a member of the ACD, You should complete and submit the membership registration form (written in English and German) below. 

Upon receiving the submitted membership form and the financial contribution, an official ACD Membership Certificate will be sent to the member via E-mail automatically within 7 days.


ACD will avoid competition and set on cooperation and challenges which will inspire people to create, design, and share their interests and opinions through various methods, sharing common beliefs into fruitful effects of the complementarity and trust-building for risk mitigation, so as transparency of expected results through constructive dialogue- based communication with our members, partners, supporters, and friends. 

With this aim in mind, the ACD team invites you to define your expected benefits from the ACD membership so as, to how you will contribute to the improvement of the ACD activities, by signing the membership form.


By becoming a member of the ACD you are joining the stakeholders

from across the world, ranging from diplomats to young professionals, from government officials to artists, and from NGOs to multinational corporations, so as contributing to and enabling a diverse range of activities such as:


  • participating in and co-creating platforms for the development of cooperations in Austria, Europewide worldwide;
  • organizing events and international conferences on issues in cultural diplomacy in practice and theory;
  • enabling cross-cultural exchange and cultural diplomacy education, starting from the elementary level and contributing to the transparency of the shared universal values across regions and countries;
  • learning about and contributing to the development of methods and strategies for nonviolent, intercultural, and multilingual communication competencies and cultural literacy;
  • promoting human rights in general and related to a specific gender, youth, and children issues, at the local and global level, in theory, and practice;
  • creating and exchanging innovative products, methods, and materials for quality learning, peacebuilding, and protection of the cultural and natural environment;
  • creating new job opportunities through social entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • creating and developing professional networks, partnerships, and friendships;
  • supporting and initiating practical and theoretical research in the field of European cultural diplomacy and in general through storytelling and other creative methods.


ACD – 2-year membership forms, fees, and specific benefits:


Free membership

for Followers of the ACD- social media platforms and participants in one of the ACD projects; benefits: growing network within the ACD – Cultural Diplomacy Community worldwide, exchange of informations, project ideas, interests, and opinions.


Regular 2-years membership: for individuals and groups who actively participate in initiating and supporting the ACD activities; membership fee: 150 Euro; benefits: free education and consultancy, active participation in ACD activities, an invitation to all ACD public events, and 15% discount for all ACD events in which the participation costs will be mandatory.


Student, scholar Regular 2-years membership fee: 90 Eurobenefits: free education and consultancy, active participation in the ACD activities, an invitation to all ACD public events, and 50% discount for all ACD educational events in which the participation costs will be mandatory; paid activities at the ACD events (optional).

Institutional Regular 2-years Membership for all institutions, NGOs, and governmental institutionsbenefits: an invitation to all ACD public events, one free lecture/workshop on topics from the field of Cultural diplomacy with one of our internal or external experts, other benefits by interests and possibility. Fee: Donation


Corporate Regular 2-years Membership for corporations and private sector firmsbenefits: one free lecture/workshop specially designed for corporation or firm, an invitation to all ACD public events, promotion of products and services at the ACD events, engagement for ACD events, other by interests. Fee: Donation


Associate membership for temporary participation in the ACD- activities (individual project initiative, project partnerships, etc; Associate Membership fee for projects supported by the ACD: 10 % of grants for administration, project development and realization, depending on project size, project duration and partnership declaration).


Supporting membership: by considerable material contributions to and promotion of the ACD- activities via significant media and/or higher membership fees; benefits: a supporting member of the ACD will receive a welcoming gift designed by the ACD- supporting Artists/Entrepreneurs and an “ACD Supporting Membership Certificate”, which will be sent after receiving your membership subscription and (financial) contribution. The certificate will outline the area and the programs that you are supporting. (As formulated in the registration form). Supporting members will receive invitations to all ACD events and regular updates about actual developments and activities within the area and programs that they are supporting; 


Honorary membership (exempted from payment of membership fees): to appoint by the ACD- Board to individuals, institutions, corporations, and/or all other entities for their outstanding commitment to the ACD and for special merits for the improvement of the ACD- activities; honorary Members of the ACD will receive one welcoming gift from the ACD- supporting Artists/Entrepreneurs and the “ACD Honorary Membership Certificate” and will be named at the ACD friends book page.


Founding members: founders of the ACD with permanent positions within the board of the ACD, exempted from payment of membership fees as they are the main ACD-private investors.


ACD Friends Book page: all members are invited to sign in to the ACD Friends Book, which will be published on the ACD website as a platform for community outreach with the aim to create a virtual album of people and their activities within the wide field of cultural diplomacy and to collect various practices, styles and voices within the frame of CD. For security reasons, all posts will be first approved by the ACD team, before publishing on the ACD website.  On the ACD Friends Book page, we will promote cooperative strategies, cherish solidarity and friendship, and provide innovative and progressive learning methods for better life quality, peace, and safety, all designed by the ACD-team and including suggestions of the ACD members.

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