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ACD-Airshow Tours/ F*Air Tours


*Women in Aviation

 *International Airshows as a form of Cultural Diplomacy

 *Aviation and UN SDGs: innovative technologies, ecology, peace building 


Initiative and practical research conducted by ACD-President Tatjana Christelbauer


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ACD - CD Airshow Tours


International Airshow manifestations

as a form of Cultural diplomacy:

promotion and exchange of the regional/national products, cultural and traditional values, international social gathering

and network growing, audience development, improvement of mobility, international intercultural relations,

economic growth,

job creations and safety.


AirDance formations: complementarity in virtuosity   trust building through cooperation

ACD-Airshow Ambassadors with Maj. Andrea Soro, Frecce Tricolori by the Airpower Austria Airshow 2016
ACD- CD Airshow Tours
Airpower16 thematic trip documentation
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ACD – CD Airshow tours are excursions to the Airshow manifestations and a part of the larger ACD project „Wheels of Cultures“.


Airshow manifestations deliver remarcable examples about smart investments into cultural and public diplomacy activities, about trust building and risk mitigation through cooperation based on complementarity.


New initiative since 2017: 



Acording to the actual statistics, there is still the lack of women participation in aviation, especially by piloting. Weather by military or in the field of agriculture and beyond.

With the aim to support the improvement of the gender equality by equal opportunitues, engagement of women in the field as active contributors to peace and security, ACD team invites interested women and girls to visit the airshows and to widen their career opportunities within the field or to join our team by visit of the international airshow meetings. 


The purpose of all ACD-Airshow tours is to enhanche direct intercultural exchange through participation of individuals and groups from civil society, professionals from various fields and military. 

Thematic visits (Airshow manifestations) organised by ACD-Team include educational activities, guides by military representatives, group picture (Foto Sessions), visits to Aerospace museums, interviews with pilots and Aerobatic teams, and more.


By joining the Airshow Tours

participants will learn to disseminate quality informations (quality report writing course), grow their network by connecting with likeminded individuals and organisations from across Europe and worldwide and widen their career opportunities in the field, among other experiences and further engagemement in the ACD-projects.

All applicants (age up to 18) must have student status or job position and valid travel documents, including visa for countries where visa is mandatory; basic knowledge in english and in best case basic knowledge in german, italian and the official language of the visiting country.

By successfull approvement of the application, candidates will sign Agreement for their contribution to the ACD – CD Airshow tours project through quality report writing, foto documentation of their trips to certain destinations and accept the ACD- code of conduct.

Bonus for participants:
ACD– CD Airshow Tours, Smart Travellers and Cultural Exchange Ambassadors will receive free ACD membership certificate for two years, after signing of the ACD partner declaration and confirmation to disseminate quality informations about their impressions and experiences from the Airshow tours.


The first ACD–Airshow Tour  have started on 3rd September 2016 and was organised in partnership with the NGO Drustvo za akademski razvoj from Belgrade (Serbia), with the generous support from the Airpower Austria representatives by warmly welcoming, guidance and talk,  and by Frecce Tricolori representatives by meeting, talk and foto session! 


See more about the first ACD– CD Airshow Ambassadors and their travel from Belgrade (Serbia) to the Airpower show in Zeltweg (Austria) on the

ACD Facebook page

Read more about ACD- CD Thematic trip to the Airpowershow16:

Airpower Austria representatives hosts the ACD - CD Airshow Tours Ambassadors from Belgrade



ACD in partnership with Society for Academic Development

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