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ACD - Agency for Cultural Diplomacy

30min-Cuppes&Dots of Knowledge share


30 min. inTalks on ZOOM

4 short, simple knowledge share

fostering Citizen Science

in collaboration with individuals, communities, research institutes, universities

in Vienna, Europe wide, world wide



Multilingual space for knowledge shared by a short introduction of research, good practices, ideas, and opportunities


Mehrsprachiger Raum für Wissensvermittlung,

Vorstellung von -good practices-, Ideen und Chancen


Višejezični virtualni prostor za razmjenu znanja kratkim uvođenjem u istraživanja, prezentaciju dobrih praksi, ideja i prilika za poslovne suradnje  


“The Cuppes&Dots of Knowledge” on ZOOM with Lazar Bulatovic on

Public speaking and presentation skills


Join us on

8th of June 2021 at 5pm-5.30pm Vienna time


Zoom-Meeting Weblink:


Lazar Bulatovic is public speaking & presentation coach from Belgrade, founder of the GlobalSpeak enterprise, and ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy Ambassador.

At our inTalk Session Lazar will introduce his practical exercises for public speaking. Lazar speaks fluently Serbian, Russian, German, and English and uses Braille for writings.

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