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 Performance Excellence2030


Interkulturelles Management für Gemeinden,  Gesundheitskultur2030 mit 10 Gesundheitsziele Österreichs


Cross-sectoral partnerships



BGF2030-Sicher2030- Versicherungskonzept und Bildungsinitiative; 

Gesundheitskulturvermittlung, Intercultural Health Leadership, Community Health Seminare (online und bei Möglichkeit vor Ort) 


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Introduction - sequence to one of the BGF2030-Methods:


The Shiny Scales Method at its core aligns Corporate Culture with Corporate Business Strategy and defines a set of values to maximize the likelihood of success due to the performance of interdependent identification of all actors with certain corporate culture and social capital appreciation as an investment in a mutual fund.


The aim of this method is to increase operational efficiency, lean process, and successful mitigation of risks in local and international business relations by the development of strong corporate cultural diplomacy 2030- for the realisation of the 17 UN SDG, as the blueprint for sustainable development.  


By linking values into vision and mission, a corporation will develop a higher level of flexibility and patterns of interaction to provide its cultural and social glue as cooperative attitudes for trust-building within all stages of cultural relations and relationships in business.


Synergy through resource and value complementarity provides mutually oriented behavior, builds resilience, and consequent inducement to responsible actions of individuals and communities.



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Corporate cultural diplomacy courses

corporate kindergartens/Edu*Care: COKI-Modell; 

Talent Management,

BGF-corporate health



Shiny Scale - CCD Method by T.S.
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