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Workshops und Talk Sesssions mit Konstruktionsmaterial zur Förderung von Kommunikationskompetenzen, Teamarbeit und individueller Präsentationskompetenzen für Kinder und Erwachsenen mittels kreatives Design und Lernmethoden, mit Konstruktionsmaterial.

Bildungsangebote und - Projekte in Partnerschaft mit Bildungsinstitutionen, Unternehmen und anderen interessierten.

Hands on- Lernmaterial und Workshops wurden nach dem IkuBi-Modell von ACD-Präsidentin Tatjana Christelbauer entwickelt.

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos bei einer ACD-associate-Projektmitgliedschaft.



 ACD- Bricks Culture is a Culture of communication based on constructive dialogues followed by use of strategic imagination. The workshops are designed for international institutions, corporations, educational institutions and for all interested in creative and agile methods, such es LEGO Serious Play, Design Thinking and storytelling with the aim to improve comunication in all forms and at all levels,

What we practice: connecting variety of ideas, interests and experiences into shared modells, constructing stories and creating plurilingual landscapes, practicing distributed leadership, attentive relations, developing strategic communication, creativity and cooperation!

ACD- Let´s brick!- workshop facilitator in Vienna/Austria and Europe: Tatjana Christelbauer MA and team of experts.


ACD- Brick Ambassador for the USA: Ms. Megan Oteri

Workshops and Talk Sessions for professionals, students, children and all interested in the practice of strategic imagination for creative solutions, ideas how to play well and more, by


transforming and forming, constructing, reconstructing and co-constructing, combining and connecting, exploring and creating, in all varieties at the Play*Well*Station,  garden, with LEGO bricks in combination with diverse materials: hands on, brick by brick :)


Let´s brick SDG´s, people &actions: introductory workshops, strategy development, creative workshops based on the

Hundertwasers Art philosophy: educational projects, intercultural and multilingual landscapes by bricks!


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