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ACD - Agency for Cultural Diplomacy

 ACD - Agency for Cultural Diplomacy


ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy (Agentur für Kulturdiplomatie) was founded by Tatjana Christelbauer MA and Mag.iur Erhard Christelbauer MBA and registered by the Federal Police Office in Vienna Austria on Mai 12th in 2016 as a non-profit international cultural association whose founding members are academic professionals, interested in and active in the research on theories and in the praxis of Cultural Diplomacy, spotlighting the contribution of the civil society organizations (SCOs) and individuals. Reg. Nr.680217381

PIC Code: 913360731

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ACD-mission statement


is to contribute to the current global sustainable development through the active engagement of its members and cultural ambassadors and partners (Cultural Diplomacy2030) who collaborate in activities, mainly embedded in the fields of art, social sciences, humanities, international relations, and intercultural education.


Our motto: Let´´s Brick and Play Well! 1,2,3 ...ALLE sind dabei! 


Since its founding date in 2016, from an understanding of the UN Agenda2030 as a universal Peace concept in its core and understanding sustainability as "ability to love our next", ACD-Team has developed a number of initiatives, to support the realization of the UN SDGs through art projects, media promotion and educational projects and partnerships (SDG4+SDG 17) such as:

 F*Air, CD-Airshow Tours, Artimpact2030”, inTalk Sessions, Dance Arts&Diplomacy, Arvore da Vida2030, educational projects such as Let´s brick!, IkuBi2030 Children radio project in Kenya,  SprachenWeb, C-19 -response -project Women.Art.Solidarity, public events such as Vienna meets … Diplomacy on Stage, online educational format on UNESCO Futures of Education inTalk Sessions with Focus groups, solidarity project M4life in Maragoli, Kenya, intercultural exchange projects such as Let´s Brick! Austria-Japan, initiatives to support the SDG5+3+ 8 + SDG10 through the development of cross-sectoral partnerships, such as COOPS for decent work KuBiPa2030,  Art&Health: BGF2030


In cooperation with the governmental and non-governmental sector, public sector, private sector, and civil society ACD-team and its cultural ambassadors are active in the development, exchange, and promotion of the UN Agenda2030-oriented methods and strategies, considering the Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs) as a common frame for activities, based on universal values.


ACD-President provides its members with free consultancy, educational materials, and advice for the creation of projects. By the need, ACD-Ambassadors, Members, and Partners are supported by ACD-advisory members and experts from ACD-partnership organizations and institutions.


ACD-General Assembly takes part in a two years interval. The event format “Diplomacy on stage” was created by ACD-President and includes academic programs with Keynotes and Lightning Talks delivered by ACD-Team, Ambassadors, and Guest Speakers from Education, Politics, Art, Creative Industries, Diplomacy, Media, and beyond. Within the Open Space Talk Sessions, Art Program, Culinary Diplomacy Salon, and “Emerging Acts”, participants have the opportunity to exchange their ideas, experiences, suggestions, grow their network, under the motto “Connect&Act”.


ACD- public events in Vienna are taking place in cooperation with established institutions such as Vienna Diplomatic Academy, Haus of United Nations, Kunst Haus Wien, Vienna 3rd District Hall, among other places.


As an international community, ACD organizes online meetings and coordinates events and communication mainly via e-mail, social media pages, and also by the use of Whatsup calls.


ACD-is a member of the IG Kultur since 2020


Since 2016, the following initiatives have been created by ACD-President and brought to realization with ACD-Members, Ambassadors, Participants, and Supporters:


-  Cultural Diplomacy2030 ACD-events, conferences, lectures, and projects with partner organizations and institutions;


- Žalike2030: Frauen.Mythen.Literaturlandschaften

Culture of solidarity in a time of crisis. Artistic response to the COVID-19-crisis 


EUROPE Air*Stars and F*Air by ACD-Airshow Tours organized travels to international Aero manifestations as a form of cultural exchange, peacebuilding, and cultural diplomacy 


-  ArtImpact2030-Initiative: educational workshops on Global Goals UN SDGs, Talk Sessions and projects starting from the elementary level in education (IkuBi2030, Let's brick!), introductory seminars for teachers, creative workshops for scholars, students, and young social entrepreneurs


„Orange Feather Greet“ and Rosa ... NO prejudices:  art projects, cooperation with designers and other professionals from creative industries focussing on attentive human relations (gender: equality, integrity, conflict, and violence prevention), projects: 


Art&Health: BGF2030 


-   CD-Careers: cOOPS for Decent work, KuBiPa.-initiative, Pact for skills:

cultural diplomacy career development by the motto: “Create your opportunities” 


- the initiative „Vienna meets ... Diplomacy on Stage“ event series for development of cooperation among civilian society and governmental institutions, local and international professionals from arts & science and international cultural institutes; Mitteleuropa- partnership and cooperation among central European countries;


ACD-Cross-cultural Culinary bridges (Storytelling activities on cross-cultural culinary ties, receptions; ACD – children (educational projects for schools in cooperation with KulturKontakt agency Austria);


- ACD-Dance Arts platform projects:  Árvore da Vida2030: dance arts platform in cooperation with ACD-Ambassador in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ms. Andrea Raw


-Wheels of Arts with ACD-Dance arts Ambassador Antonio Fini in Italy, Albany, and the US



ACD has been fully financially founded by ACD-President since its establishment in 2016.


Some ACD-projects and meetings which have been supported by the Austrian State Chancellery and Vienna Magistrate MA7 with the grant, include LOGO of the supporting institution and written announcement with our gratitude within all written and online documents. 

Our international Team and Ambassadors are mainly investors by ideal resources.

For the better performance of our projects and initiatives, our team will be grateful for donations connected with opportunities.  



       Legal Representative: Tatjana Christelbauer MA 


Experiences in CD: work studies, organization of conferences, lectures for the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy icd Berlin on Cultural Diplomacy in the practice of the civil society org., Arts and creative industries,

Cultural diplomacy seminars and events in Vienna,

Creation of projects, documents, and activities of the ACD-team members in the field of education, art, intercultural mediation, consultancy on social integration, and intercultural education at the Lower Austrian Government, Education department 1992-2020; Arts&Sciences performance lectures, fine arts, dance arts, and museum education;

public relations activities include strategic communication with members of the ACD, partners, institutions, social media promotion of activities by micro-blogging and blog articles, design of promoting and educational materials for project activities, found raising, report writing, meetings, all in kind, in a philanthropic aspirartion, by possible capacities.

See more here: and



1. Founder, president: Tatjana Christelbauer MA /CRO-AT

2. Co-founder, Vicepresident/financials: Mag.iur. Erhard Christelbauer MBA /AT

3. Honor president: Dr.Paolo Petiziol /IT

4. Vice honor president: Dr.Anja Fabiani /SLO

5. 1st financial auditor: Mag.Iris Toto /IT/AL

6. 2nd financial auditor: Egon Biechl /AT


ACD-Advisory Board (Free Membership):

1. Dr.Vladimir Bilandzic /RS/CRO

2. Dot.Edoardo Petiziol /IT

3. Mag. Mira Bayr Varga /AT/RS


Current ACD-Members and ACD-Ambassadors from 4 continents in 15 countries:  


ACD-ArtImpact2030-Ambassadors (Free membership):

1. Aleksandra Bajde /SLO

2.Michaela Sorhoz /AT/ACD

3.Matic Gajsek /SL

4.Magdalena Friderica Wächter-Stanfel /AT

5.Amro Selim/Egypt

6. Beena Unnikrishnan/India


ACD-Dance Arts Ambassadors (free membership):

1. Andrea Raw/BR

2. Andrea Nagl /AT

3. Antonio Fini /IT

4. Alain Michigan/Fra


ACD-Orange Feather Initiative Ambassadors

1. Ana Sofrenovic/RS

2. Carol Brown /NZ/Australia


ACD-Airshow Ambassadors (first ACD-Ambassadors)

(Free membership by becoming ACD-Airshow Ambassador)

1. Lazar Bulatovic /RS

2. Alisa Kockar/RS

3. Milan Simonovic/RS

4. Radomir Jovanovic/RS

5. Ruzica Rsumovic/RS

6. Nadezda Dinic/RS

7. Aleksandar Vraneseveic/RS

8. Vladimir Tesic/RS

9. Daniela Zeljko /CRO

10. Anna Bozic /CRO

11. Joelize Friedrichs AG Pilot/BR


ACD-Gender&Lifestyle Ambassadors (free membership):

1. Ina Biechl/AT

2. Elke Freytag /AT

3. Natali Alison AT/USA

4. Asya Parween Mughal /PAK


ACD-Culinary Ambassadors (free membership):

1. Marija Burusic /KRO (Radetzky Rice)

2. Marijana Berlakowich /AT (Fanny Elßler Wine)


ACD-Youth-Cultures Ambassador (free membership)s:

1. Una-Srna Sehic /KRO

2. Nicole Gattermayer AT/CYP


ACD-Global Education „Let´s brick“ Ambassadors (free membership):

1.Megan Oteri /USA

2.Kei Murauchi/Jp

3.Harumi Murauchi/Jp (Youth Ambassador)


ACD-Wor(l)ding-Music-Ambassadors  2016-2018

Reduced 2-years membership for active contributors to ACD-Events (90 Euro fee) 

1. Shiori Hiroguchi/J, Musician (Violine)

2. Ekaterina Timofeeva/RUS, Musician (Violine)

3. Christelbauer Bertin/AT, Musician (Cello)

4. Ehsan Baghaie Heravi /IRN, Musician (Oud, Piano)


ACD-members total: 44

ACD-ambassadors total: 42


Actualized by Tatjana Christelbauer on 21st of September 2021



ACD-SDG strategy 2030.pdf
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ACD- 2016-2020
ACD-book of activities, brief introduction, documents and Photodocumentation
ACD-Bericht 16-20.pdf
PDF-Dokument [81.3 MB]
Report UNESCO Futures DEC.2020.pdf
PDF-Dokument [16.3 MB]
Pact for skills signed.pdf
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ACD-Financial statements 2016-19
ACD-financial statements 2016-19.pdf
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Datenschutz, Mediennützung
ACD-Media useLetter of agreement .pdf
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