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cultural democracy & deliberation

4 reducing inequalities,

widening perspectives & unifying 4 our commonly shared prosperity,

engaging in initiatives and initiating actions to end and prevent further violence against women


Connecting across sectors and geographic hemispheres from Austria across Europe to

Euro-Mediterranean networks & across the world


STEAMing together for now & then ...


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Linked under the theme

“Females4Futures: let´s braid & orangetheworld“ 

we are tiding commitments towards ending violence against women.


Recognizing the structural nature of violence against women as gender-based violence, and that violence against women is one of the crucial social mechanisms by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared with men, aspiring to create a world free from violence against women, we are tiding commitments towards ending violence against women through cross-sectoral international partnerships.


The virtual meeting will explore innovative practices and shared visions to accelerate the support for women's networks across sectors and hemispheres. Strategic international cross-sectoral partnerships mainly embedded in STEAM & international foreign policy with a feminist approach is a practical intervention for women's empowerment.


According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Orange Economy accounts for 3% of global gross domestic product (GDP) and 30 million jobs worldwide.

Imagine the impact when this vibrant economic force is harnessed to uplift and empower women, steering us towards a world free from gender-based violence.

Focusing on the European context, where feminist foreign policies are gaining momentum, there are actionable recommendations for improving gender equality. These policies advocate for inclusivity and representation, recognizing that empowering women is not only a moral imperative but a strategic investment in societal progress.

Art and creative industries play a pivotal role, not just in economic terms, but as vehicles for change. They shape culture, challenge norms, and pave the way for inclusivity. By fostering women's participation in STEAM fields, we not only amplify their voices but also contribute to the flourishing Orange Economy.


Committed to the Istanbul Convention, a human rights treaty of the Council of Europe opposing violence against women and domestic violence

following the call to center a feminist system change towards social, economic, and environmental justice, acting as meaningful allies (Ubuntu Declaration) we believe that personal transformation is deeply interwoven with social change, and we commit to an ongoing reflective practice through international cross-sectoral collaborations and partnerships, on the interface of arts, sciences and diplomacy.

Following the guidelines of the Feminist Foreign Policy, the ACD team encourages cultural diplomacy from the feminist perspective, such as has been recommended in the Report " A Feminist Foreign Policy for the European Union

Engaging in support of the UN Women Initiative Orange the World with the Austrian SDG Awarded Orange Feather Initiative


We embrace cultural diversity as a powerhouse for generating creative solutions. Connecting hemispheres, transcending time zones, and fostering collaboration among creative industries, STEM & international foreign policy with feminist objectives, we aim to weave a narrative of empowerment that goes beyond borders. "Let's Braid & Orange the World" is not merely a meeting; it is a women-led, future-oriented action – Female for Futures.


In the rich symbolism of braids, we find a powerful metaphor for interconnectedness, resilience, and strength. Braiding strands together creates a structure that is stronger than each individual strand alone, much like the collective power we harness when diverse voices, sectors, and perspectives unite. It represents the fusion of cultures, professions, and talents into a harmonious whole, a reflection of our commitment to inclusivity and collaboration.

The orange hue signifies the vibrancy and potential inherent in the Orange Economy. Beyond being a color, it represents a mindset — one that celebrates creativity, innovation, and the intellectual value of goods and services.


"Let's Braid & Orange the World" unfolds as a journey, where the initial source of inspiration is the Orange Feather – a messenger that embodies the essence of peaceful action, critical thinking, and connectivity. Awarded the Austrian SDG Award in 2022 for Media 4 Youth by the Austrian Economic SENAT, the Orange Feather initiative becomes the catalyst for our collective efforts.

In the Orange Feather motive, we find a symbol that transcends its physical form. It calls on us to act peacefully, think critically, and connect, echoing the ethos of our collective endeavor.

Educational partnerships, especially in STEAM, serve as the warp and weft in our braided narrative. Through these collaborations, we aim to equip women with the skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving world. We recognize the transformative impact of education as a catalyst for change, opening doors to opportunities and dismantling barriers.


"Let's braid & Orange the World" is a call to engage & contribute to this vibrant tapestry.

Our presentations, discussions, and recommendations will be interwoven into a narrative that transcends borders and sectors, advocating for a world where women are not only equal participants but leaders and drivers of change.

Embracing the objectives of Feminist Foreign Policy, our meeting seeks to interlace literacy, channels, and law & policy recommendations into our braided narrative.

By intertwining arts, sciences, and diplomacy, we aim to create a comprehensive approach to women's empowerment. This intersectionality forms the foundation for sustainable futures.


Engaging in support of the UN Women Initiative Orange the World with the Austrian SDG Awarded Orange Feather Initiative 



Special contribution to the meeting:

by Sarah Werz with the song Vivre sans fair

 Sarah Wertz - 2023 ©

"Vivre sans fuir" (“Living without fleeing”) combines an important theme, interculturality, with art. This video clip carried by young volunteers from the Belgian Red Cross is a beautiful creative example of a fusion between migration, music, and poetry.
This project is, above all, human. The lyrics of the clip tell true stories. We discover migration from 4 points of view: that of a child, an Unaccompanied Foreign Minor, an isolated woman, and a father. The people featured are themselves migrants. The two singers, Sarah and Arnaud, are also involved in the project. Sarah, a CRB volunteer, wrote the lyrics and imagined the music video. Arnaud, composer and video maker, set these words to music and brought them to life through video.
The clip reminds us that we are all human. We dream. It doesn’t matter where we come from, or what we experience. 
Despite sometimes very difficult situations, the hope of a better future gives the courage to move forward



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