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ACD in partnership with METE Onlus associazione 

CSO strategic partnerships 4 SDGs


Cultural Diplomacy 4 Cultural Democracy 2030:

arts4 SDGs

Media 4 inclusive, diversity-sensitive intercultural dialogue 

human rights & opportunities for engagement & shared responsibilities 


ACD in collaboration with the METE Onlus org and in-kind support of the Anna Lindh Foundation Austrian national network


virtual meeting with the aim to 

contribute to the forthcoming

 UN ECOSOC partnership forum

with policy recommendations, good practices, challenges addressed, and shared commitments of CSOs & partners from arts&culture to the UN Agenda2030 


January 31st, 2023

1. -2.30pm CET 


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Introductory presentation, welcoming words:

“Cultural Diplomacy 4 Cultural Democracy 2030: CSOs Partnerships on the nexus of arts, cultural diplomacy & sustainability policy

intercultural communication 4 advancing the UN Agenda2030" 

(Tatjana Christelbauer, ACD, Austria)


"Global Media and Cultural Democracy: Global Communication and Democratic Culture Program created by the Mete Onlus Team. engaging in sociocultural mediation between peoples, in the affirmation of civil, democratic, and liberal principles of each individual, and in social justice. Presentation by Giorgia Butera President of the METE Onlus association



partnerships for SDGs: art-based quality education 4

Cultural hospitality in media: enhancing the social integration & protecting the human rights of all

 Including to Leave No One Behind: diversity aware inclusive project,s opportunities for engagement & shared responsibilities

Diversity matters: engaging in the protection of dance arts as a part of the world cultural heritage, cultural democracy in arts & funds (UNESCO Conv. 2005, SDG 11.4)

Co-developing & providing arts-based research, tools, and Methodology for the optimization of health (WHO art&health report 2019)


Partnerships 4 Economic empowerment: Orange economy: decent work, cultural democracy

Representative: Ms. Giorgia Butera

Sociologist of Communication, Writer, and Human Rights Advocacy professional; since 2014 President of the International Community "I'm a Child, Not a Bride", since 2015, President of the METE Onlus association. Expert in International Best Practices, active in the various sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council (Geneva). In 2016 Giorgia was accredited at the "World Humanitarian Summit" in Istanbul and delivered a speech at the “World Social Forum” in Montreal, then in 2017 she was appointed a member of the V Lega Pro Commission "Innovation, Scientific Research, Training, and Research Centers". Since 2019 Giorgia is appointed President of OIDUR – International Observatory for Human Rights and Research.

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