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inTalk - live and Video Sessions, Interviews, Blogposts on topics and practices related to the ACD-projects, initiatives and its actors, contributors, academic professionals in the field, ACD-Ambassadors, u.a.

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inTalk is a format for live, digital (30-90-120 Min on ZOOM, Skype, etc) and written dialogues with professionals whose point of interests is directed toward sustainable development within all fields where social interaction takes part, ranging from academia, diplomacy, technology, media, art, cultural education, to military, and all other fields.


The aim of inTalk Sessions is to connect professionals from Austria with international experts and to encourage dialogue, debate, and exchange of best practices, critical perceptions, perspectives, to initiate further cooperations and development of partnerships.


Furthermore, building on evident examples and documenting inTalk Sessions for the purpose of wider dissemination via ACD-Media pages and pages of our guests and partners, global audience will have free access to quality informations and opportunity to share their opinion (comment lines), ask questions during the live inTalk Sessions (registration is required for safety and for organisatory reasons) and to participate in ACD-projects related to specific inTalk Sessions.


*inTalk Session format has been created by ACD-President Tatjana Christelbauer in 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis as a space for professional communication and activities in which can participate wider audiences during the lock down and beyond.


ACD-President invites practitioners and academics to contribute with their stories by building of our media landscape with evident examples and transparent messages, to connect local, national and international actors and audiences who are actively contributing to peace building, common progress and attentive relations within the human world and nature.


Our common ground is the field of Cultural Diplomacy, our values are shared within the frame of the UN Agenda2030 by our commitment to the Global Goals 17 SDG´s, European Union declarations, UNESCO resolutions on language heritage and papers on art & cultural education, in respect to our Austrian State Law and current Austrian national efforts for social integration, peace and safety through art, cultural education, sciences, technologies and more.


ArtImpact2030- initiative is one of ACD-s deliberate examples on contribution of art and cultural education in the current Global Discourses on Sustainability. 


Inspired by ecological  thought of the Austrian born artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, ACD-Team includes ecological awarenes within all fields of action. 

Read, get inspired, connect and share your interests and experiences! 



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