ACD - Agency for Cultural Diplomacy
ACD - Agency for Cultural Diplomacy

Vienna meets ... Diplomacy on stage events


"Diplomacy on Stage" Veranstaltungsreihe ~ Dialogplattform für die Vertreter/innen aus internationalen Kulturinstituten, Botschaften, internationalen Instutionen, Universitaten, Kulturvereinen mit Kunst/Kulturschaffenden aus Wien|Österreich, mit Gästen und Partnern aus In- und Ausland


   Motto: Art beyond entertainment, Diplomacy on Stage 


*ACD- Vienna meets ... Diplomacy on stage events are listed on the webpage by "aktuell"




Für besondere Anlässe:

Ball der Regentropfen

Raindrops Ball

with All special guests******


Culturl Diplomacy all- day-event:

connecting ArtEducation and practice with academic studies in international relations and diplomacy. (created by ACD- president Tatjana Christelbauer)


Vienna meets... previous evens:


North-South (Vienna Gallery Time)

Luce (Vienna Votivchurch)

More, Mare, Mar, Maresija (Vienna Votiv Church)

Calmant (Palais Glam-Callas Vienna)

Cultural Diplomacy conference Icd Berlin (various venues)

Flashmob Hallelujah (Vienna Votiv church)

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