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ERASMUS+ project partnership 2022-2024

"The Rhythms of Natures"


The implementation of the "Rhythms of nature" project stems from the willingness to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of dance pedagogy and dance composition in conjunction with issues related to environmental protection, which constitute an important topic of social discussion around the world. We want to learn about the working methods of teachers and choreographers from European countries and the challenges they encounter in their pedagogical and creative work. We would also like to share our knowledge and professional experience with them, which is the result of many years of pedagogical work. The project will be an opportunity for a creative discussion on the selection of methods and techniques used to work with dancers. During the project, we want to develop new methods that will be a result of conducted dance laboratories, discussions, and observations together with partners.


ACD team in the project Rhythms of nature:

Tatjana Christelbauer M.A.:

project management, dance arts _creative ecology art&science workshops), inTalk sessions, methodology;

Bettina Schäfer:

Ballett for contemporary dancers, resilience;

Dr. Michael Kimmel:

scientific review


ACD team contribution to the ERASMUS+ project "Rhythms of nature" :

- organizing the first meeting in Vienna (June 2022)

- organizing dance workshop in Vienna "The Rhythms of Rain" (October 2022);

- methodology, creation of educational tools and templates for the final result summary;

- scientific review (art&science);

- dissemination of results, promotion of the project activities;

- organizing the multiplier event in Vienna 

- other activities by need and inspiration within the project development process



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