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Raindropsball ^ Regentropfenball

ERASMUS+ project "The Rhythm of Rain"

multiplier events

Let´s Rain °<^

Engaging with arts in environmental _ and social ecologies 

exploring the green transition in the mindset

re-imagining relational cultures 2030 ..


thinking with the cloud

breathing with

raining ... 


Presentation of activities, responses of engaged participants, and further attempts guided with the script "The Rhythm of Rain" 

engaging in the nexus of arts_sciences_policy in sustainable development


Grateful to Ada & Pawel Michno for the opportunity to engage in Environmental Education in Dance Arts with the Rhythm of Rain as an embodied metaphor for inquiry and make this journey together with partners from Centro Choreographico Andalusia Sevilla
in collaboration with KunstHaus Wien, Okto community TV, Gallery Photon, Institute for Blind, DSCHUNGEL Wien, and colleagues from arts and science in Vienna


Sensing human life within a cyclical rhythm of nature, the script part provides guiding insights and practices that may support understanding of the complex relational system and its impacts on humans and environments.

inspired by the environmental ecology approach in the visionary artwork & activism of the Austrian-born international artist Hundertwasser

who campaigned for

a life in harmony with the laws of nature (..) as its guest,

the script enables entry for the engagement in environmental education with an ethical approach, which aligns with the “call upon concerted efforts towards building an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future for people and planet” as it has been proclaimed in the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda2030. Sustainable development is also a core principle of the Treaty on the European Union. With 17 sustainable development goals (SGDs), it aims for an economic and societal transformation, integrating all three pillars of sustainable development – economic, social, and environmental. 


Insights are composed with “droplets from diverse situated knowledges” which may inspire to engage and overcome epistemic and other barriers for entry, ensemble, compound, rain, and further arise and ensemble, within novel compositions. References with web links are provided for more in-depth further reading and research. Teachers and students in somatic practices, dance, fine arts and music, choreographers and composers, environmental humanities, and STEM, but also practitioners from politics, diplomacy, health care, and all those interested in artistic research and practice may engage and get inspired. The scientific essay to this workshop series written by the scientific reviewer Dr. Michael Kimmel, is included in the appendix.
Let ́s rain ...


Public presentations are starting on the 5th of March in Vienna,

then will be continuing in Slovenia, Ljubljana at the Alma Mater Europea University Ballet Academy,

and keep raining with and within our hosting environments


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