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ACD partnerships in Euro-Mediterranean region in collaboration with Anna Lindh Foundation

The Euro-Mediterranean region encompasses all the European countries and the countries on the Mediterranean Rim.
Anna Lindh Foundation was created on the political initiative of the President of the European Commission Romano Prodi, “to take action to restart dialogue and defuse the risk of a clash of civilizations”
and was founded in 2004.
In 2005, the Alexandria Headquarters of the Anna Lindh Foundation was inaugurated as the first joint institution for dialogue co-created by the European Union and its Mediterranean Partner countries. Originally called the “Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures”, the Foundation was given the name of the late Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, who was assassinated in 2003 in an act of hate crime; Anna Lind’s lifetime commitment to an equal partnership between the North and South, and to multilateral partnership action, became a guiding principle for its work.
In partnership with leading polling organizations (Gallup, Ipsos-MORI), the Foundation conducts the only comparative analysis of its kind on the evolution of perceptions, values, and behaviors in the Mediterranean: the “Anna Lindh Trends Report”.
From its research and evaluation in the field, the Foundation takes local insight to international policymakers, providing a unique understanding of conflict dynamics and policy responses to countering extremism or the social impact of a refugee crisis. It is represented on various inter-agency bodies such as the steering group for the Global Study on Youth, Peace, and Security mandated by the UN Security Council.
The work on intercultural trends research helps embed an evidence-based approach to programming and policymaking at the local, national, and regional levels. 
The Anna Lindh Foundation supports a wide range of cultural diplomacy activities, including conferences, seminars, workshops, and cultural events that promote intercultural dialogue and understanding. It also supports educational programs and research initiatives that promote intercultural understanding and cooperation.
One of the foundation's main initiatives is the "Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures" program, which aims to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding between people from different cultures in the Euro-Mediterranean region. This program focuses on topics such as youth empowerment, gender equality, and cultural heritage, among others.
Overall, the Anna Lindh Foundation plays an important role in promoting cultural diplomacy and intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region and beyond. Its initiatives and programs have helped to build bridges between people from different cultures and promote mutual understanding and respect.
Examples of projects and initiatives that the Anna Lindh Foundation has undertaken in the field of cultural diplomacy:
1. Young Mediterranean Voices: This is a program that was launched by the Anna Lindh Foundation in partnership with the British Council, which aims to empower young people from across the Euro-Mediterranean region to become more active in their communities and contribute to the development of civil society. The program includes training and capacity-building workshops, as well as opportunities for young people to engage in intercultural dialogue and debate.
2. Intercultural Cities: This is an initiative that the Anna Lindh Foundation has supported in collaboration with the Council of Europe. The aim of the initiative is to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding in cities across Europe and the Mediterranean region and to encourage local authorities to develop policies and strategies that support diversity and cultural exchange.
3. Med Forum: This is an annual conference that is organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation, which brings together civil society organizations, policymakers, and other stakeholders from across the Euro-Mediterranean region to discuss issues related to intercultural dialogue and cooperation. The conference provides a platform for dialogue and exchange and has helped to raise awareness of the importance of cultural diplomacy in the region.
4. Anna Lindh Report: The Anna Lindh Foundation publishes an annual report on intercultural trends and developments in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The report provides an overview of the key challenges and opportunities facing the region and highlights examples of best practices in the field of intercultural dialogue.

These are just a few examples of the many projects and initiatives that the Anna Lindh Foundation has undertaken in the field of cultural diplomacy. The foundation's work has helped to promote dialogue and understanding between people from different cultures and has contributed to the development of civil society and the promotion of human rights in the region. 


ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy Association became a part of the network of Anna Lindh Foundation Network in December 2022.
Our team is grateful for the opportunity to engage in and contribute to ALF activities toward more peaceful relations and life with and within diverse communities. Our collaboration has been endorsed by the former ALF director H.E. Dr. Al Sharif, who aimed to attend our panel at the s4d4c Horizon project team final meeting conference, on intercultural dialogue through artistic collaboration in 2021. 
Keeping H.E. Dr. Al Sharif who sadly passed away before the event took part in loving memory, and in appreciation of Dr. Alsharif ́s dedicated mission for peace and progress, our team will build on his legacy for developing further projects with partners from Euro-Mediterranean countries.
We are looking forward to our further collaboration!  
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